2018 – Good Things & Tragedies So Far

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(Miracle do happen! Karma do exist! For the first time in history, in 2018 the opposition will form the Federal Government and take extra states compared to the last elections.

Still Here

An interesting email dropped into my inbox today – it is from my weekly Chinese horoscope and interestingly it said “Early November is overflowing with the scribbling of lists and organizing of schedules”. Interesting because I just completed a long checklist and finalize project schedule for the weekend

Sorry for long absence – one was due to work but the other reason is that there is a “great wall” blocking access to Facebook, blogs and Twitter, So, I have do without those for now and update only after I come back.…

Helping to Enforce

If you managed to catch road offenders ‘red handed’, like the one on the top, on camera, please help to clear the road of these offenders by emailing the photo of the offenders in the act to aduantrafik@jpj.gov.my.

Please include time, date, location and other details that will help the authorities to enforce the law on these selfish road users.…

Revised Feedburner RSS Link

Feedburner was officially taken over by Google and I found my older feedburner link “disappeared” without notice. I had to re-registered the RSS link with feedburner.

It is now:-


It has been updated on the RSS link on my sidebar as well. Please update the revised link in your RSS readers and if it is still not working, please drop me an alert via the comment box.…

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