2018 – Good Things & Tragedies So Far

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(Miracle do happen! Karma do exist! For the first time in history, in 2018 the opposition will form the Federal Government and take extra states compared to the last elections. It’s is time to clean up the nation and enforce the rule of law. Photo source: NSTP)


I can’t believe that I last blogged back in September 2017 – time does flies fast when one is not looking

Well, it is not that I had lost interest in blogging (I still do drafts now and then but don’t have the time to complete them) but I found that given the very little time that I have apart from work & family, typing on issues and events over the social media & instant messages (Facebook, Twitter and the countless Whatsapp Groups) is more convenient (just hit the “Share” button and your message gets through) compared to blogging which takes time as I tend to do more research and review the drafts over and over again.

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Still Here

An interesting email dropped into my inbox today – it is from my weekly Chinese horoscope and interestingly it said “Early November is overflowing with the scribbling of lists and organizing of schedules”. Interesting because I just completed a long checklist and finalize project schedule for the weekend

Sorry for long absence – one was due to work but the other reason is that there is a “great wall” blocking access to Facebook, blogs and Twitter, So, I have do without those for now and update only after I come back.

P.s. photo caption – the view from my room at night – taken with a N8

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Short Hiatus

They say when an opportunity drops by unannounced; one should quickly take it…

I am taking one week off from my daily routines to take care of some personal matters. One can also call it as a deserving break. I will be travelling, so is my family (which includes the ‘big boss”), so I do expect a very interesting  (hope not tiring) travel.

I may not be able to blog (or approved comments in moderation) for at least a week, so I apologise upfront if you cannot see your comments up for a week – please bear with me on this.

But during this period, I hope to get some things done – one in particular, my novel titled “Unexpected Mission” – a project that was done for the 2009’s NaNoWri project. I have uploaded a polished up version of my 2008 novel titled “The Malayan U-Boat”, you can read or download here – please do give me your feedback.

A long travel will probably give me the right chance to fully utilise my DSLR which in some way been lying idle (it is not easy to bring the big sized camera around, I realised now).

I may miss the results of the Hulu Selangor by-election; I hope that Pakatan Rakyat’s Zaid wins by a large majority. There have been enough mud-slinging from both ends (RPK of Malaysia Today still have doubts on Kamalanathan’s degree and Rocky of Rocky’s Bru still talks about Zaid’s racing horses) but end of the day, it is up to the voters to decide who can serve them (and not the political master) the best.

Depending internet availability and free time, see you in a week’s time…

Helping to Enforce

If you managed to catch road offenders ‘red handed’, like the one on the top, on camera, please help to clear the road of these offenders by emailing the photo of the offenders in the act to aduantrafik@jpj.gov.my.

Please include time, date, location and other details that will help the authorities to enforce the law on these selfish road users. Together we can make a big difference and make driving more pleasant and safe.

NaNoWriMo 2009 Status

Update: Completed 50,000 words on 25.11.2009


Final word count – 50,131 words completed and covering 79 pages. Now will be the time to start polishing the rough draft titled “Unexpected Mission“.