Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: The Conclusion & Goodbyes

chennai airport trip

(The Chennai International Airport’s departure area – brightly lighted and well furnished but the crowd can still give you a headache. Sorry, no photos of the secured areas – the officers looked too menacing and strict)

I kind of have forgotten to do the conclusion for this post, so here is it…

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Children: Letting Them Go


(There will be time when parents will need to allow their children to stand on their own and make decisions that will determine their own future)

I had 2 phone calls from my dad yesterday…

One call was during lunch time informing me that he had cooked something at home and asked whether I had time to drop by the house for lunch. Given the traffic situation, it was an impossible mission to achieve.

Another was late at night when I was still in the office, asking me to drop by his workplace to pick up something. My dad, these days, works as a night shift security guard to pass his free time (he got so bored sitting in the house) and earn some cash (a far cry from those days when he was young and was driving a 10 tires truck)

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Photo Funia

This is cool! Very, very cool.

My son’s face on a mug

For more effects, click here

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Pangkor Break Part 3

Read Part 2 here

Seriously, what a man will do when lying down in a hotel room next to a beautiful beach? Let me rephrase that – what a family man will do when lying down in a 1 star hotel room next to an overcrowded beach?

Although the urge to hit the beach and dive into the water was strong but having too much sun and too many people on the beach somewhat discouraged me (it came to a point where there was no good place to stand on the beach).… [Click to read the rest] “Pangkor Break Part 3”

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All yours, son

(Image source: Shell Malaysia)

I was at SHELL petrol station the other day, pumping petrol when I noticed my son tapped on the window and pointed at something. He motioned me to look at the direction. It was a poster of SHELL’s Ferrari car collection. He wind down the window and said “Daddy, I want the yellow one”.… [Click to read the rest] “All yours, son”

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Daddy, don’t go!


(It’s hard to say NO to the big boss)

There is a scheduled overseas deployment this year and it is likely to be one of the longest to date – about 6 months away from home.

The actual departure date has not been firmed up but it will be finalised in the next 5 months or so.… [Click to read the rest] “Daddy, don’t go!”

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The next Neo?

My son posing his Matrix Neo look before we left for a wedding last week

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A Budding Photographer

I am silently training up my son to be the next photographer in the family. He already knows how to pose for the camera – just need him to teach other to pose as well. Just need to wait a couple more years before he gets his own camera.

For higher resolution, click here

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Happy Birthday

The boss is celebrating his 4th birthday today – he will get his “Ultraman Cake” for the small celebration scheduled next week (but he does not know this yet).

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“I’m Back Home”

That was the statement heard several time from the backseat of my car after I had fetched my wife and my son from the hospital.

My son was discharged in the afternoon but I could only fetch them late in the evening. As I was waiting for them at the front of the emergency ward, I was indeed felt anxious to see my son in good health.… [Click to read the rest] ““I’m Back Home””

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