New Malaysia 2020: Automated Driving Test Or Automated Enforcement?


(What we need more – automated driving test or automated enforcement? It is indeed a tragic when an infant dies due to another road user who cared less of the safety of others but other than feeling sad & saying our condolences, what we are doing to ensure another person does not dies in the same manner? Image source: the Net)

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Driving Skills 101: Driving on the Wrong Side of Road

Wrong Side of the Road

(Another car on the wrong side of the road – this was from 2017 where a 21-year-old man was killed when a BMW, travelling against the traffic, rammed into his Perodua MyVi at Jalan Tun Razak near the National Library. Photo source: NST)

There was a time when I drive to work; there is a road that leads from the office to the main road leading into the Federal Highway. This is a known choke point and pretty much crawling at peak hours. So once the right side of the lane jammed up, impatient drivers will then start driving on the wrong side of the road to bypass the traffic and make illegal entry to the main road, compounding the traffic jam at this point. I lost count of the times when I will turn into this slip road only to face off with drivers driving on the wrong side of the road.

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What will you do?

I snapped this incident last weekend when I was returning back from a family gathering.

From afar, the traffic lights showed GREEN, so we, being true blood Malaysians, tried to beat the traffic light but as we inched nearer, the light had turned RED. We managed to slow down in time but not this Kancil.… [Click to read the rest] “What will you do?”

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What Road Rage?

(Mildest response to those who provoke others – Image source:

You may have heard it before…

An “innocent” driver got bashed up by a road bully and after lying in coma for couple of days, comes out and has a press conference, emphasizing on how innocent he was and how maniac the road bully was.

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Maxim for Road Hoggers

Everyone have heard the maxim “shape up or ship out” but here is one for the road hoggers, the parasites who drive slow on the fast lane and refused to move away when there is a faster vehicle stuck at the back of them:-

“Speed up or move out, morons!”

P.s.… [Click to read the rest] “Maxim for Road Hoggers”

Emergency Lane Offenders

With no police or PLUS officials or CCTV in sight for miles, this is what you get when the highway gets pack with heavy traffic:-

JHV 900

MBL 8881

NBE 4742

SGA 4111 Z (even had the cheek to cut in without any signals)

WJL 5907

WQV 9599

Unrepentant fucking bastards at the emergency lane!… [Click to read the rest] “Emergency Lane Offenders”

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Who I am going to kill?

(The “softest” response to the idiots on the road. Image source:

I wrote and talked about this more than once (here, here, here and I am sure many more in future)…

I was “cruising” in the middle of the 3 lane highway along LDP last night. I was tired and just wanted to reach home for dinner and a good sleep.… [Click to read the rest] “Who I am going to kill?”

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Bad Reversing

I probably need to open a whole new category…

This morning, I saw a car on the third lane of the highway, reversing because (I guess) the driver has missed the ramp couple of metres away. The car – an old red Proton Saga sedan was reversing but it reversed without any reverse lights or indicators.… [Click to read the rest] “Bad Reversing”

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Some Ladies…

I don’t know lah…

This is the 2nd time in this week, I had a lady driver in puny Kancil cutting into my line (the gap in front of my car is not even enough for a small bike) without advance notice (as usual – never use the fucking indicators!) and when I horned this reckless driver, only then she puts up the indicators (what for I don’t know).… [Click to read the rest] “Some Ladies…”

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(The middle lane and motorcyclists – inseparable! Picture source:

Here’s a mind boggling question – why does some stupid motorcyclist bastards have to ride in the middle of 2 lanes and have to ride rather slow?

They like to follow the “dash line” but obvious to the fast traffic on their right and left.… [Click to read the rest] “Borderline”

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