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Elections 101: Preparing for BERSIH 4.0

FRU bersih

(Out of the many images of BERSIH 3.0 that I have seen, this has to be one of the most moving one – a Malaysian lying down in front of the police water cannon truck to stop them. It reminded me of the lone protestor who stood in front of the tanks during the Tiananmen Square. Image source: Lim SK @ Flickr)

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Hindraf Rally 2007: Hindraf Rally Remembered

Hindraf Indian

25th November 2009 marks the 2nd anniversary of the unprecedented street rally by Indians under the now “banned but not crippled” organisation called Hindraf in this country. Image source: Malaysiakini

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Bukit Antarabangsa: Buyers are innocent?

(Not Act of God! Image source: TheStar)

Have you heard of the expression “When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too

That was interesting because now the residents affected by the landslide have decided to sue the Government. Unbelievable!

From theStar: –

KUALA LUMPUR: Residents affected by last Saturday’s landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa have decided to sue the relevant government authorities for compensation.

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