Sound of Rain And Thunder: Going Into Zen State of Mind 0 (0)


It was well known fact that music improves the productivity and in particular at for me, the sound of heavy rain and distance thunder.

Whenever I am going to work on some deep, complex issues that needs me to check sheets over sheets of spreadsheets and need to add formulas all of the place, I will put on the headphones and put my favourite collection of music so that I can focus.

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Some News on Dieting 0 (0)

A quick one before I am off on another travel assignment

(MRI scan that reveals the fat against a normal sized person. Photo source:

I weighed myself this morning – I have lost 2 kilograms. I know I could have lost more if I had put more effort to exercise but that is a story for another time

In the past, I thought exercise was the only way to reduce my weight but after watching BBC’s Truth about Food, it changed my whole understanding of the losing weight and eating the “right” food.… Click to read the rest

Morning Exercise 0 (0)

It’s simple and fast…

We have it once a day, first thing in the morning and before we start our work and we take turn which ensures everyone gets a chance. Even other departments have noticed this too.

We have morning talks. The “speaker” for the day can speak on any topics for 5 minutes and we been doing this for several months now and people are indeed creative and good story tellers.… Click to read the rest

Good workout 0 (0)

A short snippet…

Last Sunday, time at home was fully occupied with clean up of the master bed room starting with clearing dust filled 2 luggage bags – it had broken latches. Next was checking and disposing old papers & documents (such as old bills, etc). Swept and mopped the room till the tiles started to shine again.… Click to read the rest