Old Photos – Part 3

Before we proceed with this week’s short post, there are 3 things I wanted to say aloud.

First is Waytha, after the hunger strike stunt that he pulled before the elections and got his MOU with Najib had now resigned – he rightfully deserved it, if you ask me. The way to go is to stop fighting for rights and benefits based on racial lines and do so more on poverty lines so that all races in this country will fairly benefit from it.… [Click to read the rest] “Old Photos – Part 3”

Children: Letting Them Go


(There will be time when parents will need to allow their children to stand on their own and make decisions that will determine their own future)

I had 2 phone calls from my dad yesterday…

One call was during lunch time informing me that he had cooked something at home and asked whether I had time to drop by the house for lunch. Given the traffic situation, it was an impossible mission to achieve.

Another was late at night when I was still in the office, asking me to drop by his workplace to pick up something. My dad, these days, works as a night shift security guard to pass his free time (he got so bored sitting in the house) and earn some cash (a far cry from those days when he was young and was driving a 10 tires truck)

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Multi Level Talk

(Cartoon source: http://beancounterblog.com)

I guess it is going to be sooner or later for one to be entangled or in touch with the multi level marketing business, especially when one is getting more “noticed” within the family and friends.

Certainly with a slowdown of economy, many are opting for second or even third jobs to get that extra income.… [Click to read the rest] “Multi Level Talk”

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Almost Haircut

(Image source: http://www.joelapompe.net)

We were back in Taiping for the holidays and true to my philosophy “Taiping is a rest area”, I did not venture out from the house for the last 3 days we were there.

It was perfect staying in my in-law’s house – there were good programs on Astro, a comfortable bedroom to take short naps (with no one to question), laptop for games & movies and of course, delicious home cooked food.… [Click to read the rest] “Almost Haircut”

Bad Design in IJN

This week was quite eventful…

I was at my workplace, looking forward for a great day at work when I got a call from my wife. She normally won’t call me in the morning, so I picked up the call without any hesitation. My dad had complained about breathing problem and was transferred to the IJN’s emergency centre.… [Click to read the rest] “Bad Design in IJN”

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(The end of the road, last rites for the Hindus. Image source: http://i.treehugger.com)

Last week, I attended a funeral of a close relative who had passed away rather tragically…

The relative was my elder cousin (related to my father’s side), still young, married and had everything going for him. But fate had it that he will not live long enough to see his kids grow up into adults.… [Click to read the rest] “Funeral”

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On Break

Over the weekend, I will be here…

Well, not here as in the picture above but by the seaside, having fun with my kid and relaxing with my family. Being away from Klang Valley is good mental exercise. With my cousin’s family joining in, it should nothing but sea, sand and beer.… [Click to read the rest] “On Break”

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Happy Event

I was on leave yesterday…

Too tired to post on what happened yesterday but I will leave with this photo for now – full story and photos to be followed soon.

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3, 2 and 1


Oh boy, my wife was upset with me last weekend…

You see, she had promised her younger sister to follow her to pick the saree for her wedding and being the one who can drive her to the shop, she dutifully informed me. Both of our understanding on this little shopping trip was that:-


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New Year Celebrations

(The first post for the year although it is 3 days late)

Ironically 2006 ended with “korban” and 2007 started with “korban” (korban = a Malay word for slaughter / sacrifice).

Whilst the Muslims in Malaysia (and all over the world) celebrated the Hari Raya Korban and proceeded with the annual “korban” of cows, goats and in some cases camels, the Iraq government proceeded with the “korban” of their former President, Saddam Hussein.… [Click to read the rest] “New Year Celebrations”

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