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3, 2 and 1


Oh boy, my wife was upset with me last weekend…

You see, she had promised her younger sister to follow her to pick the saree for her wedding and being the one who can drive her to the shop, she dutifully informed me. Both of our understanding on this little shopping trip was that:-


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New Year Celebrations

(The first post for the year although it is 3 days late)

Ironically 2006 ended with “korban” and 2007 started with “korban” (korban = a Malay word for slaughter / sacrifice).

Whilst the Muslims in Malaysia (and all over the world) celebrated the Hari Raya Korban and proceeded with the annual “korban” of cows, goats and in some cases camels, the Iraq government proceeded with the “korban” of their former President, Saddam Hussein.… [Click to read the rest] “New Year Celebrations”