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P.s. The problem of drafting a blog late at night – instead of clicking the “Save Draft”, I accidentally pressed the “Published” button. This explains why you may have seen half completed post in your RSS feeder. Sorry about that.

(2011 seems to be a very slow year for blogging. It is not that I am having a writer’s block – I have almost a dozen posts in my mind now but rather, does not seem to have the “urge” to put things down on “paper”.… Click to read the rest

Sometimes I wish I could shout “I am not driving a bus lah!”


(This is how some relatives see my car at certain times – Image source:

Couple days ago, my car suspensions took a heavy pounding – all because my mom decided to be very generous.

We were planning to go to temple – me, my wife, the “big boss”, of course and my mom.… Click to read the rest

In Memoriam 0 (0)

Safiza Binti Rahman

She was my ex-colleague and had passed away on Sunday morning after losing battle with leukemia. She was in the early 30s – a mother to a very young child and a loving wife. She was diagnosed with cancer last July and although I could not meet her during her treatment, she did send me a message saying that she has started her chemotherapy and the treatment was progressing well.… Click to read the rest

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