Prepping in Malaysia 2020: Readying for Flu Pandemic 0 (0)


Definition of a pandemic: a pandemic, simply put, is a disease outbreak on a global scale. This is different than an epidemic and a simple disease outbreak. An epidemic is when the infectious disease spreads through many people quickly (definition: True Prepper). The above is the scale used in Singapore – image source:

In recent time, the world have been grappling with a serious case of flu infections (in Malaysia we been fighting H1N1 and 2019-nCoV infections), natural disasters, man made disasters (in Malaysia, water pollution) and massive forest fires. Many people lost their life, loved ones and their homes.

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Fire Bomber – MMEA’s Bombardier CL-415 0 (0)


MMEA’s Bombardier CL-415 thick in action – Image source: Bernama & MMEA

We need to buy more of this excellent fire bomber in the near future – wild fires & man made fires is expected to compound the environment for many years to come. We need to have the right tools and trained resources to put out the fire before it becomes a national crisis. And given the source of haze is from Indonesia, they need to have more fire bombers in their inventory.

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Huawei’s Harmony OS 0 (0)

Read These First:-


(Image Source)

I do not own Huawei gadgets although I recall using Huawei made modem for Maxis broadband a long time ago. Nonetheless I have been following up on the troubles that Huawei – the seventh-largest tech company in the world by revenue and a leading pioneer on 5G technology – have been facing with the US market:-

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