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(The latest craze – the famed Angry Birds, now even comes in form of cakes. My son even got himself a stuff toy version of the Angry Birds last week. Image source:

Almost on daily basis, my wife had to charge her mobile phone battery despite hers is not a modern smart phone which uses a lot of battery power or she is not a heavy mobile phone user – she only uses to for calls and occasional SMSes.… Click to read the rest

Place: Master Bedroom
Time: Just after dinner

(My son and my favourite mobile game – Image source:

I was lying on bed with my mobile phone, playing a game when my son walked in.

He saw me playing game and quickly jumped on the bed. He wanted to know what game I was playing and more importantly whether I was winning (he always want me to win and this adds pressure).… Click to read the rest

Diablo 3 0 (0)

First saw it here

Then, saliva started to drip when I saw what Blizzard had in store for the next version Diablo. It is still the good old “3rd person view” role playing game similar to Diablo 2 but now with eye candy new characters (the witch doctor looks so cool), sound and environment (the crust of the improvements).… Click to read the rest

Continuing the weekly series – read Part 3 here

When I was young and my parents could not afford to buy us toys, we had to content with making our own toys. One of the “usual” toys that we often make is the wooden gun. The “ingredients” are rather simple:-

An arm length wooden plank (cut in the shape of a gun)

A nail or thumbtack (whichever is available)

A couple of rubber bands

The above is for the “gun” – hit the nail or thumbtacks at the end of the gun (the part where muzzle would be).… Click to read the rest

SimCity and RealCity 0 (0)

(You think your local Majlis Perbandaran sucks? Try playing SimCity and teach them (or learn) a thing or two – Picture source:

I am currently hooked in playing SimCity 3000 and certainly I have a hard time managing the city whilst balancing the income & expenses (great for existing and future project managers) It is frustrating at first but as I continue playing the game, I am beginning to understand the metrics of managing a city (mind you, it is not easy).

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