Outbreak 2020: Possible Virus Surge in Pakistan from Tablighi Jamaat Gathering

Tablighi Jamaat

By the way, today is the first time since the lock down started & the 2nd wave from Tablighi Jamaat’s gathering in Malaysia, the active cases have started to reduce. Kudos to the highly dedicated medical team, all the front liners and ordinary Malaysians who despite the many hardships had observed the stay at home order.

There was 236 recovery cases as compared to new infection of 131 cases making for the first time, the number of active cases to reduce from 2,596 to 2,490 cases. It is a small improvement but it is in the right path – hopefully that this will continue to flatten and on a reducing trend. Graph source: Outbreak.MY

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Outbreak 2020: Also Use Vanakkam Instead of Hand Shake


The many ways of communicating using our hands – the Western hand shake and the Indians of putting both palms together and saying vanakkam or namaste. The Japanese would just do without any hands by bowing in deep respect. Image source: Wikipedia

Unfortunately since a hand shake needs the touching of the hands, this unfortunately facilitates the human to human virus transmission. Remember the first Malaysian who got coronavirus after some business meeting in Singapore? He may have been hand shaking too many people and somehow got infected with coronavirus instead.

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Sri Lankan Manikkam: MGR Alive & Kicking!


Back in the younger days, the 2 biggest heroes for me and my siblings were Kamalahasan and Rajinikanth but for our parents, it was MGR and Sivaji Ganesan. Image Source: http://digitalimagemakerworld.com/

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Lunatic Acts Before the General Elections – Part 1

By now, they say when the election is around the corner, expect some form of lunatic acts and strange things will happen. The sky will turn sweet pink and you will see politicians coming down from their place in the sky down to earth and share the way of life and hardships of the people.

P.s. It has been more than 2 months down the line, the pain in the neck (or rather my arm) have reduced drastically. It has been improving on daily basis after I had started the cervical traction treatment, sleeping without pillows and DIY neck exercise. It has not gone completely but at least now, I don’t have that pain whenever I drive which is great and is a big relief.

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Dr M: Democracy in Malaysia is Dead


More interesting things especially on democracy and Malaysia are taking place on social media and in late nights when I do have the time, I usually spent it on surfing through Facebook instead of writing a post for the blog. Another is that I have gone “back to school” and I managed to get one of the certificate that I targeted to get this year. Unfortunately it is just a start and I have another target to meet in the next few months. So, it is back to doing revisions and the dreaded homework in the coming months. Image: Pinterest

And times are tough and times are not right for one to simply sit back and take things easy. Work too have been piling up over the last few months and the expectations from both in and out of the organisation have been very, very demanding.

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Quotable Quotes 101: Not Paying Taxes

Foremost, rest in peace to former South African President Nelson Mandela who passed away last Thursday. A real statesman like him will be greatly missed.


(Here’s one fine example of “instead of giving priority to the minorities, just concentrate on the majority”, courtesy of the Taliban – never forget one’s history even if it took place thousand years ago when “ketuanan” thing was almost non-existence and traders, preachers and intellectuals from every great civilizations made this country their home and trading port. Image source: Wikipedia)

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India’s Got Talent 101: Almost Getting Killed Is Not a Talent!

india's got talent

(I have done up Part 3 of the trip to Oriental Paris but that post on India’s Got Talent has to wait for this classic – it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in Youtube)

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Crime Index 2010: Modern Day Slavery

Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally – Abraham Lincoln

slavery modern day 2017

(When one talk about slavery, one would think of the era of Kunta Kinte but reality, unfortunately, is far from this in the modern world. The worst is in Asia. Image source: Youtube)

If you ask me, the idea of slavery after the millennium is rather shameful, considering we have passed the millennium and on (a rather rocky) path to be a developed country.

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Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: Part 7 – Visit To A Historical Temple

(One of the things to do in Chennai is to visit an ancient temple and we indeed managed to get this done. The main entrance to the 300 plus years old temple – Click for higher resolution photo here)

A trip to India will not be complete without a trip to the majestic and historical temples, right?

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Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: The Prologue

Just returned from a holiday cum shopping cum fact-finding trip from Chennai, India…

chennai trip

(Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu – The Land of the Tamils and a place that I have not set foot yet. Image source: Wikipedia)

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