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Land of Dumb & Dumber


(Never mind the movie, it seems like there are way too many of dumb people in this country. Image source: The Net)

It was rather “funny” to hear the old man to say this:-

“Malaysians are stupid. They don’t know how to manage aviation,” Dr Mahathir was quoted by news portal Malaysiakini as saying in comments over Christoph Mueller’s appointment as chief executive officer-designate of Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAS NewCo).

Those responsible for the losses of the ailing national carrier were now trying to make things right, he said.


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Crime Index 2010: Modern Day Slavery

Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally – Abraham Lincoln

slavery modern day 2017

(When one talk about slavery, one would think of the era of Kunta Kinte but reality, unfortunately, is far from this in the modern world. The worst is in Asia. Image source: Youtube)

If you ask me, the idea of slavery after the millennium is rather shameful, considering we have passed the millennium and on (a rather rocky) path to be a developed country.

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MAIKA Scandal 101: MAIKA Screw-up Revisited

maika samy vellu

(“I’m innocent – I don’t know what happened to the Maika’s Telekom shares. Besides, ACA has cleared me”. Image source:

MIC party polls are coming up in September…

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Malaysia 2009: 1 Malaysia, 2 Peraks

Indeed, it has become 1 Malaysia, 2 Peraks.


(The Law of the Jungle in motion in Perak – the legitimate Speaker being forcibly removed. Image source: Jeff Ooi)

After having 2 Menteri Besars in Perak, we now have 2 Assembly Speakers and in turn have made the state of Perak greatly divided.

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Malaysia 2009: Screwed in Perak

(One cheap point for BN. Image source: TheNutGraph)

I am a pro-opposition for the obvious reasons, so this is a sad day for me

By now, everyone know just how well the Pakatan Rakyat government got screwed in Perak – first by their own selfish politicians, then by Barisan Nasional. Most of us here had hoped that the Sultan would have agreed to have snap election and get the people’s fresh mandate over the issue but still the final say is still with the Sultan and we have to respect that.

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