Word Play 101: Evil Playing with Cunning Semantics


(Unbelievable when it comes to semantics! Sometimes you really, really need to read in-between the lines especially when it comes from the local politicians. Image source: http://rulingsnarl.wordpress.com/)

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Malaysian’s Great Debate 2012: Chua Soi Lek – Lim Guan Eng Debate Circus

debate funny cartoon

(The built-up to the debate between 2 political parties that represented the Chinese community with elections just around the corner somehow fizzled out when the debate actually started and it deteriorated further on there onwards. Image source: The Week)

Generally, the whole much-hyped debate between 2 giants, to put delicately – sucked!

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Quote of the Week

(The man who told the Government to go and screw itself. Image source: http://pinkturtle2.wordpress.com)

RPK in his Malaysia Today post:-

It takes stubborn bastards who dare tell the government to go fuck itself to bring changes to this country.

Many wisdom men have kept their silence and have let the country to go to the dogs.… [Click to read the rest] “Quote of the Week”

Good Question!

(Hardly looked like a composed PhD student – Image source: TheStar)

TheStar says:-

Hamood Sheehab Hamid, 45, was charged with committing the offence driving in a reckless and dangerous manner, under section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, at the traffic light exit to USM, at Jalan Transkrian about 9.45am.

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Quote of the day

(Irresponsible science but what about irresponsible language? Poster source: http://booksense.com)

“I don’t like to see irresponsible English in the emails” – overheard someone grumbling as he was trying to understand a badly typed English in one of his emails.

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Fantastic Trip to Iran 2009: Mastering Persian Language

iran rial language Persian

The name Iran in the Persian language means the Land of the Aryans and it is not a big surprise when we find common Hindi words in Farsi (or rather common Farsi words in Hindi).

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Education Malaysia 2009: Fake Phobia to Science & Mathematics in English


(The 2009 protest against teaching of Science & Mathematics in English is based on the dumbest excuses like it only benefits rich students and it insults the national language. These are the very people who will destroy the future of the country and will not feel guilty about it – Image source: www.ibnjuferi.org)

Oh well, those who been fighting for Science and Mathematics to be taught in the national language would probably be breaking their bottle of wine to celebrate.

The Cabinet have decided to put a reverse on its decision and decided that effective from 2012, both subjects would be taught in Bahasa Malaysia.

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Missed Information on H1N1

On 26th June 2009, RPK wrote:-

That is how Malaysia will solve the H1N1 problem. We shall give it a new name that is easier for Malay newsreaders to pronounce.

So, instead of calling it H1N1, we shall call it selsema babi. H1N1 is a mouthful to pronounce in Malay.

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Bangsa Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia

(Poster by Mob’s Crib)

First read this post from Demi Negara titled “Racial Polarisation and Forging of Bangsa Malaysia” – it is thought provoking and hits us hard

Then read this post from Rocky’s Bru titled “If PAS is not race based party…

We have shouting about Bangsa Malaysia for sometime now and that concept came close before the last general election but we are yet to be a true Bangsa Malaysia.… [Click to read the rest] “Bangsa Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia”

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If apologised, all settled?

(Bad English! Image source: http://www2.trincoll.edu)

Is it?

The blogger apologised but here is best part, she said:-

“It was merely out of anger so I did not construct my sentences properly. Maybe it was my bad English”

Bad English? Perhaps she needs to read that with this. Is “Bad English” the same with “The Press Misquoted Me”?… [Click to read the rest] “If apologised, all settled?”

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