Cashless Touch ‘n’ Go – Outdated and Must Go?

touch n go

Do you still remember the time before Touch ‘n’ Go was widely used for public transportation, parking and highway tolls? Image source: Compare

I still remember the days when I had to queue up at the bus companies counters to get my bus passes –sometimes more than one, depending on the year. KL, Klang & Port Klang Omnibus and SJ Kenderaan had their own dedicated counter for the bus passes – different colours for adults and school children (which is half of the price of the adult total fares). Toong Foong one was a bit different – you have get it from their office which was located near Puduraya where it is usually packed with bus conductors also queuing up to get their stacks of new bus tickets.

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Regulation on Businesses: Don’t Make Things Difficult Part 1

ehailing regulations

New regulations and identifying area of improvement between e hailing and taxi companies in this country are part and parcel of the Government policies to provide a fair grounds for both segment to strive and to ensure service to the general public is not compromised. Image source: Malaysiakini

In 1981, the Malaysia Incorporated Policy was introduced to encourage the close cooperation between the public and private sectors whereby both sectors act and operate within a “Malaysian Company”.

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Faulty Takata Airbags & Refusal of Road Tax Renewal

Read these first:-

(Go buy a Proton instead – compared to a “more value for money” brands like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Proton is using airbags from Autoliv from Sweden which does not have the same problem as Takata from Japan and is more reliable. Image source: LA Times)

One particular night a few weeks ago, I was driving back from work – the weather was good and the traffic was not so bad.

In front of me, a fairly new Toyota Vios – it has the rear lights working and I did not suspect anything. Then I noticed something amiss. Whenever the traffic slows down, I don’t see any brake lights lighting up from the Toyota Vios. Both the main brake lights and the third brake light were not working. So, when this driver slams his brakes and if you are at the back and you been driving too close, you will not know that the car in front had slowed down – you will likely to rear-end the idiot in front.

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Cost of Living 101: Another Petrol Price Hike…


(What we see whenever the Government increase the price of essentials like petrol and ask the taxpayers to change their lifestyle – a burden that we are  willing to share provided the Government does the same. Image source:

I have been quite busy with work this week and the recent news from tanahair did not sound that good too. From the massive water disruption in the Klang Valley on Merdeka Day to the petrol hike from the BN Government and to my son have a bad cough for the last few days.

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Kota Bahru Rush 2011: Craziest Thing 2011 – Part 2

kota bahru PAS kelantan

(“Membangun bersama Islam” or translated as “Growth through Islam” was the slogan of the day as we entered the state of Kelantan onwards to Kota Bahru. PAS still holding to the seat of the State Government despite the slow creep of modernization to the State)

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Fantastic Trip to Iran 2009: Mega Traffic Jam in Tehran

iran tehran traffic

If there is one thing that catches ones’ eyes in Tehran would be the usual massive traffic jam.

The motorists here use more of their horns and brakes to move along the morning traffic jam. In between, we have motorcyclists whom many do not wear a helmet and pedestrians crossing the road without any apprehension. When one is walking and crossing roads in Tehran, one need to look left, right, front and back because you will never know when a fast car can drive towards you.

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National Pride Again

(It’s back to the aging Perdanas. Image source: Paul Tan)

Here we go again…

The state of Perak is in a turmoil and it looks like it is not only affecting the seat of Menteri Besar but also the model of the cars to be used in official business.

When the Pakatan Rakyat Government headed the state, they decided to change the model of the cars used from Proton Perdana to Toyota Camry.… [Click to read the rest] “National Pride Again”

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What Road Rage?

(Mildest response to those who provoke others – Image source:

You may have heard it before…

An “innocent” driver got bashed up by a road bully and after lying in coma for couple of days, comes out and has a press conference, emphasizing on how innocent he was and how maniac the road bully was.

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Where have you been, Pak Lah?

(Image source:

It really shows when our dear Prime Minister has been “sleeping” on the issues:-

Throughout the one-hour journey, during which he switched trains, the Prime Minister noted the congestion, especially during the peak period, and spoke to his fellow passengers to get feedback.

Speaking to Bernama after disembarking at the Masjid Jamek LRT station, he said he was not satisfied and wanted immediate improvements to be made.

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The “Maybe” Good News

(Image source:

Picked this from Paul Tan

If the Government is intent on reducing the petrol price – due to world fuel price (and not because Anwar is getting “closer” to the Parliament?), it is certainly good news for the people.

But here’s the fucked up part – where is the control to minimize the leakages of fuel subsidy?… [Click to read the rest] “The “Maybe” Good News”

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