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(The last thing you expect to see in a car service center. Image source: Pinterest)

It is heartening to hear that Proton have come up with a 60 minutes express service but in my opinion, they should have done this a long time ago.… Click to read the rest

(When you think of Volvo, you will think Sweden, safety and luxury. Now you can add environment friendly to the  Volvo brand.Image source:

The buzz word of the day is recycling and there is no major act from Malaysians to prioritize recycling in daily life.

It was interesting watching “Mega Breakdown” over at the Discovery Channel where a 2 man team breaks down a used Volvo truck and recycles 95% of the truck.… Click to read the rest


(Photo source:

Just assuming that this is what was truly said, it just reaffirms the notion that stupid statements can also comes from anyone including the oppositions.

From theStar:-

JOHOR BARU: A two-tier fuel pricing system for foreign registered vehicles will adversely affect the economy of the city.

Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau said such a move would inconvenience both foreigners and local businesses dependent on the Singaporean clientele.

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(Remember the fiasco with MRR2? Do you trust statements from politicians these days? Picture source: wikipedia)

So, said Samy Vellu in his usual gung-ho way. But reading through the lines, you know these are the facts:-

One: The toll charges is definitely going to be more than RM2.00 (I will not be surprised if it even reach RM3.00

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