Pangkor Break

Just back from a well deserving break in the island of Pangkor – the story and photos to follow suite

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Weekend Flying

It’s Friday today but what I am really looking forward to is Sunday. I am flying off today and tomorrow and hopefully Sunday is free enough for me to take a good sleep.

Small changes to my routine are creating havoc to my sleeping pattern for past one week.

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Time off

(Damn, this reminds me why I need to go to beach more often – click here for higher resolution)

It’s the Monday after the Raya break and surprisingly the roads was still clear…

Had a long good rest over the holidays – my son enjoyed playing with the fine beach sand, had a smooth drive back, finally had the time to cut the grass on my little garden (been putting that off for sometime now) but unfortunately, I was too “busy” to do any drafts for the blog.… [Click to read the rest] “Time off”

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East Coast

(Snaking highway! Image source: Google Earth)

It must have been like 15 years since I last stepped in East Coast of Malaysia.

So a relative’s function in Kuantan last week was just the excuse I needed for a 520 kilometres drive to and fro East Coast. For the record, I never driven past Karak Highway – it is either a journey in a bus, driven by a half asleep driver with a baseball bat safely tucked away under the seat or a journey in a car, driven by experienced but a speed demon friends.… [Click to read the rest] “East Coast”

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Malaysian Truly Asian

(Day 32 in Kabul)

(Picture source:

It seems like the cable TV in my hotel room was mocking me….

I would see at least 2 advertisements on Malaysia in a day (the one with Pak Lah sitting down and “selling” Visit Malaysia 2007 was a big turn-off though) and the more I see, the more I am missing home.… [Click to read the rest] “Malaysian Truly Asian”

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Taking a break!

(Day 5 in Kabul)

After couple of days of arrival in Kabul, we finally had a feel of the Afghan culture when we were treated to a dinner with a local band belting out local Afghan songs. A couple of “hindustani” songs was also sang when the band team leader noted a couple of “Indians” in the Malaysian group.… [Click to read the rest] “Taking a break!”

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(Day  10 in Dubai)

There is sometime during our hectic work schedule, we managed to squeeze time to visit The Mall of Emirates last week – reputed to be one of the biggest shopping mall in Dubai. We managed to get the client’s driver to drop us at the Mall – it was a good break from being holed up in the office or hotel room.  … [Click to read the rest] “Shopping”

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(Day 4 in Dubai)

7 hours of flight from KL to Dubai was nothing compared to 5 days of not blogging.

The flight from KL was a scary one espcially during the take-off. We were having a thunderstorm as the plane was taxing on the runaway to take off but the loud laughing from a group of aged Americans from the back of the plane seem to ease away our worries.… [Click to read the rest] “Touchdown”

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What a hectic time going to be in the next few days!

First was today…

I had to “rush” my Dad to IJN for his usual checkup scheduled at 10.30 am at 6.00 am. It was not an emergency but he wants to go early to beat the traffic jam and the long queue to see the doctor.… [Click to read the rest] “Travelling”

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Hell Taxi Ride

(Day 3 in Dubai)

Taxis in Dubai are big, expensive (to Malaysian standards) and certainly fast!

There is a limitation as to how many passengers that a taxi can take here in Dubai. The maximum is 4 and not more. Of course, we been riding on taxis taking 5 passengers, for a price of course.… [Click to read the rest] “Hell Taxi Ride”

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