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(Sometimes dark alleys can be scary in the wee morning. Image source:

I don’t know why but I guess standing in a sea of rubbish was making everyone crazy.

We continued to walk around and managed to complete the “shopping”. Our legs were in great pain and there was no good place to sit down – most of the place been taken up or covered in a heap of rubbish.… Click to read the rest

Weekend Flying 0 (0)

It’s Friday today but what I am really looking forward to is Sunday. I am flying off today and tomorrow and hopefully Sunday is free enough for me to take a good sleep.

Small changes to my routine are creating havoc to my sleeping pattern for past one week.

(Damn, this reminds me why I need to go to beach more often – click here for higher resolution)

It’s the Monday after the Raya break and surprisingly the roads was still clear…

Had a long good rest over the holidays – my son enjoyed playing with the fine beach sand, had a smooth drive back, finally had the time to cut the grass on my little garden (been putting that off for sometime now) but unfortunately, I was too “busy” to do any drafts for the blog.… Click to read the rest

WTF! 0 (0)

It almost a perfect weekend…almost

I had my expensive watch fixed, took my wife for shopping (that is a surprise), took the family to see a movie (a well made “The Dark Knight“), drove to Tanjung Malim to see an old uncle (had a good chat on Hindraf & MIC – details later) and completed some long outstanding chores at home (hung up the huge mirrors on the living room).… Click to read the rest

(My son and his young cousin on white soft beach sand – can’t wait for a dip on the cool sea)

Just came back from a short break and still recollecting thoughts back to my normal routine (and blogging too). The break was short but my son enjoyed it the most – need to arrange a longer one the next time (and we already have a rough plan where to go for a break the next time).… Click to read the rest

(Snaking highway! Image source: Google Earth)

It must have been like 15 years since I last stepped in East Coast of Malaysia.

So a relative’s function in Kuantan last week was just the excuse I needed for a 520 kilometres drive to and fro East Coast. For the record, I never driven past Karak Highway – it is either a journey in a bus, driven by a half asleep driver with a baseball bat safely tucked away under the seat or a journey in a car, driven by experienced but a speed demon friends.… Click to read the rest

(Day 20 in Kabul)

It can be downright serious in Kabul with armed guards by the road side, at the entrance of the hotel and riding in the same vehicle with us. The very mention of the place “Kabul” may sent shivers to some people and I can’t blame them – the newspapers here always have an article about the fight against Taliban on frontpage on daily basis.… Click to read the rest

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