Difference between Car Launch & Truck Launch

Got this from one of my friends. Not sure where it originated but it is quite funny.

* Car launch with all the beautiful girls to show the grace and fine line of the car (copyright respective owners)

* Truck launch with all the heavy-duty girls to show the toughness of the truck (copyright respective owners)

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Obesity issue getting bigger

Malaysia faces a truly weighty problem – there could be 4.4 million adults who are overweight or obese by 2020. A nine-year study also shows that Indians are most overweight, followed by Malays and Chinese.

Oh dear, why I am not surprised that Indians are most overweight. I took some drastic measures myself to reduce weight and managed to reduce 4 kg todate (but unable to go far).

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Hadaka Matsuri

I was watching National Geography on Astro and there has a show on the Tokyo Shock Boys (who are a group of four highly energetic and wacky performers).

* The shock boys with shocking faces (Source: www.nms.ac.jp)

They would journey to participate and showcase four unique festivals in Japan. One of the eye popping one was the Hadaka Matsuri (or Naked Festival), where the Shock Boys tussled with 10,000 nearly naked men in loincloths to touch one naked holy man with the outside temperature at minus 2 degrees.

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Tak Nak Arak!

After trying to get Malaysians to stop smoking (but failed), the Health Ministry now wants to discourage them from consuming alcohol. Saying “No” to booze is the latest component to be included in the ministry’s healthy lifestyle campaign, said Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Please study why people turn to alcohol in the first place… alcoholism is not the problem.

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E-mail soon for Perak newborns

Soon, newborns in Perak will not only be given birth certificates, but also e-mail addresses. In what could probably be the first such plan in the country, the state will embark on an E-mail 4 All project under its information communications technology (ICT) blueprint.

The question is what is the point of having emails if you don’t the right infrastructure and the age to use one?

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