Half Yearly Review

(Still have not read the “precious one”…yet)

I am past due on this one… 

Beginning of this year, I talked about New Year Resolutions and unlike previous years, this time around I really tried to follow on the resolutions. Probably because I have blogged about it and I want to something to show for the next New Year Resolution post (it’s a good motivation, isn’t it?)… [Click to read the rest] “Half Yearly Review”

“Uncle A”

(Picture source: www.theempire.com.au/)

I was reading with great interest on Sabrina’s ranting of her “Uncle A” in her blog – it was funny and truthful.

I guess there is one (or two) in every family – rivalry & competitions among relatives are just too common. I don’t know about you people but I am sure that in most families, whenever a major examination results are out, the first thing your parents will do is to call and check what relative’s children got for the same exam.… [Click to read the rest] ““Uncle A””

New Year Resolution

(My son will likely to be going to kindergarten next year – so, this year; we need to do a lot of training for him)

Last year, I made only one New Year resolution – which is to make a proper New Year Resolution this year. I did not write it down anywhere but had it in my mind when I saw others blog and bragged about their own New Year resolutions.… [Click to read the rest] “New Year Resolution”

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