Old Photos – Part 3

Before we proceed with this week’s short post, there are 3 things I wanted to say aloud.

First is Waytha, after the hunger strike stunt that he pulled before the elections and got his MOU with Najib had now resigned – he rightfully deserved it, if you ask me. The way to go is to stop fighting for rights and benefits based on racial lines and do so more on poverty lines so that all races in this country will fairly benefit from it.… [Click to read the rest] “Old Photos – Part 3”

Overseas Assignment 2012: Part 5 – Trip to Modern Oriental Paris & Ancient Temples

oriental paris shanghai trip flight

When on an overseas trip, weekends are rest days and it is the best time to catch up on sleep and when that’s done, for the rest of the day, it is time to go around town.

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Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: Part 7 – Visit To A Historical Temple

(One of the things to do in Chennai is to visit an ancient temple and we indeed managed to get this done. The main entrance to the 300 plus years old temple – Click for higher resolution photo here)

A trip to India will not be complete without a trip to the majestic and historical temples, right?

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Photo Funia

This is cool! Very, very cool.

My son’s face on a mug

For more effects, click here

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2009 Pulitzer Prize Photographer

The 2009 Breaking News Photography Pulitzer was awarded to Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald for his coverage of the victims of disastrous storms in Haiti in 2008.

One of the moving photos that caught my eyes was this:-

Photo Notes: Frantz Samedi holds his lifeless 5-year-old daughter, Tamasha Jean, who died when Hurricane Ike’s flood waters swept children and the elderly from their homes in the small Haitian town of Cabaret in this Sept.[Click to read the rest] “2009 Pulitzer Prize Photographer”

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Past Presidential Inaugurations

Interesting old photos…

Note: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln stands under cover at the center of Capitol steps during his inauguration in Washington, D.C., on March 4, 1861. The scaffolding at upper right was used in construction of the Capitol dome. Image source: Denver Post

View more of the past presidential inaugurations photos here

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The next Neo?

My son posing his Matrix Neo look before we left for a wedding last week

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Fishermen Returns

(Fishermen returns – click here for higher resolution)

Had a good trip to East Coast on last weekend – it was joy for me to found the joy of photographing. Just wished I had better lenses to pick up this shot.

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Time off

(Damn, this reminds me why I need to go to beach more often – click here for higher resolution)

It’s the Monday after the Raya break and surprisingly the roads was still clear…

Had a long good rest over the holidays – my son enjoyed playing with the fine beach sand, had a smooth drive back, finally had the time to cut the grass on my little garden (been putting that off for sometime now) but unfortunately, I was too “busy” to do any drafts for the blog.… [Click to read the rest] “Time off”

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Interesting flowers

Let’s divert things for a second….

I still remember an episode from the cartoon Smurf where Smurfette will fall for a blue rose (created by an evil witch). If you think about it, there is no blue rose – simply because roses do not bloom in blue (perhaps in future, things will change)

Interesting colours have captivated me, more so if it is a flower with unbelievable colours (I said unbelievable because naturally the flower does not bloom in the particular colour).… [Click to read the rest] “Interesting flowers”

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