The Malaysian Fight Against Crime


(When it comes to crime, it always pays to have another set of eyes on the street for catch criminals in their act. The role of CCTVs in prevention of crime cannot be dismissed – it works 24 by 7 and 365 days without taking rest and it is impartial too. Infographic source:

The month April proving to be an interesting month for me

We have walked into the age of GST and the night before was rather comical – I saw a family piling up their grocery items onto the trolley to the brim. Didn’t they know that naturally there will be some items which will see the price going down with GST and there will be some with increased price?

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Democracy 101: The King And I


(Yul Brynner as the majestic King of Siam in the classic movie King and I – he was born to play the role. Can you image what would have happened if a group of people walked up to the palace and demanded the King of Siam to be replaced with their “a bit-lost” leader? They would have arrested immediately and hanged for high treason. Image source:

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Crime Index 2013: Criminals Not Fear of the Law?

crime criminal

(Considering how criminals these days being bold on their act, this may look funny but it is hardly a laughing matter, especially when it is not safe to venture out these days. Psst, the whole ATM machines still get “screwed” to this day. Image source:

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The One Sided Threat

It is rather humorous to read a politician’s threats

(There are always 2 sides of the story and thus it justifies fairness on both sides. Image source:

Yes, the threat can be real of course – after all, they are holding all the ISA, MACC, PDRM, etc panic buttons.… [Click to read the rest] “The One Sided Threat”

Oh Fuck!

I could not believe this! Talk about bad timing.

(When will PDRM ever learn? Putting up massive road blocks will never be the solution when there is a massive rally in the city. Image source: Malaysiakini)

Last year, me and my cousin decided to go for our “quarterly” blood donation but we got involved in the mother of traffic jam when the morons at the Home Ministry decided to put up road blocks and made road users to experience hell.… [Click to read the rest] “Oh Fuck!”

What is appropriate?

(The brave lawyers who were arrested for doing their job – image source:

Sometimes it is just too obvious that some politicians do not know what they are talking about. When this happens, they end up looking like an idiot in the middle of a busy road.

First read this statement from DPM:-

He said for instance, the call by the Council for the Human Rights Commission to conduct a public inquiry into the arrest of five Legal Aid Centre lawyers at a police station recently seemed inappropriate.

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Role Models?

From theStar:-

“The Bar Council is supposed to be a role model. If police enforce the law and among those caught are their (Bar Council) members, they have to accept it (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz)

Aisey, sometimes, when politicians open the mouth to talk, it is unfortunate that it can be nothing but bull-shit.… [Click to read the rest] “Role Models?”

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Malaysia 2009: The Great DUN Perak Fiasco

The above is why the people of Perak need to teach BN a lesson they will never forget (or recover) in the next general election.

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What RM25 million can buy, something that goes hee-haw

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Enforcement 101: The Intense War On Mat Rempit Menace

mat rempit enforcement menace

(War on the menace of civilised society, Mat Rempit is on-going – Image source: Perak Today)

Mat Rempit, the darlings of UMNO Youth are at it again.

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What second post mortem report?

(Image source: The Malaysian Insider)

The Malaysian Insider reports that the police have seized all files, pictures and samples in relation to A. Kugan, who died in custody, from the hospital which had carried out a second post mortem.

Further more there has another medical investigation made on the cause of the death and not surprisingly, it contradicted the second post mortem findings which reveal the cause of death was due to heavy beating.… [Click to read the rest] “What second post mortem report?”

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