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Western classical music is perspective – look at the number of people involved in a symphony! Our traditional music is lonely – Ilaiyaraja


(My collection cover image – the image of Maestro Ilaiyaraja. Image source:

As long I could remember, I have been listening to Ilaiyaraja music since I was still young and started to have an appreciation of his style of music – all the way from the 1970s (you are aware that Annakili was not his first movie and that he had to impress the producer Panchu Arunachalam by singing a song that his mother sang and using the table as an music instrument?)… Click to read the rest

Between update 2 and 3, my car had 4 new spring coils and that made a lot of difference to rear load balancing

(The white stuff rocks! Out of sight but not out of mind – you can really feel the difference at the corners. Image source: Ultra Racing)

Phase 6 – improvement of car handling

My car came with the inscription “tuned by Lotus” and I thought it was great until a couple months later; I hopped over to the local car accessory car shop and saw a front strut bar on display.… Click to read the rest

Coiled Springs 0 (0)

It was a close call a couple days ago…

(Image source :

We decided to go out for lunch and since there were just 3 of us, we decided to take my car instead of the usual ride – my buddy’s more robust and heavy duty Toyota Unser. Just when I drive away from the parking lot, I heard a “thud, thud, thud” sound coming from the wheel base.… Click to read the rest

Just quick update on the status of the project

(Next change in Phase 2 and it is not going to be simple as using polish to clear the headlights – Image source:

Phase 1 – change of worn out front and back suspension components, repair of cabin light (which has been short circuiting my fuses), door lock malfunction and repair of the dents on 2 doors (eye sore for many months).… Click to read the rest

(Update: Final tally @ o1.12.2008 – 15,319 winners out of 119,151 writers who participated)


After 24 chapters, 69 pages, 50,239 words, 273,255 characters and many sleepless nights, I have finally done it!

I have won my NaNoWriMo 2008 in my first outing. From the NaNoWriMo’s website – total winners todate is 5,805 out of the total 118,648.… Click to read the rest

Project: Charity 0 (0)

(Poster source:

This is something that my wife and I been thinking about for sometime now but only last week, we saw the “light at the end of the tunnel” (One of the many projects in the pipeline)

My cousin and I are “regular” blood donors by now – we try to stick to our 3 months interval as closely as possible.… Click to read the rest

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