Old Photos – Part 3

Before we proceed with this week’s short post, there are 3 things I wanted to say aloud.

First is Waytha, after the hunger strike stunt that he pulled before the elections and got his MOU with Najib had now resigned – he rightfully deserved it, if you ask me. The way to go is to stop fighting for rights and benefits based on racial lines and do so more on poverty lines so that all races in this country will fairly benefit from it.… [Click to read the rest] “Old Photos – Part 3”

Tech News 101: Time To Play Linux Again

linux ubuntu

(It is reputed that 2% of the computers in the world runs on Linux distro Ubuntu – a free and open-source OS that stands on its own against Windows-based OS and 90% of the supercomputers in the world runs on Linux. Image source: http://masoncloud.com)

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DVD Ripping

Just wanted to share something and no, I am not promoting privacy…directly

(Older version of the Handbrake in action – image source: Wikipedia)

I have a problem.

I have plenty of good, expensive DVDs lying around at home; reminiscence of the days when I was still young and had plenty of money to buy original DVDs, when pirated DVD sellers can be found at almost every corner of neighbourhood and when watching movies on ASTRO was a distant away.… [Click to read the rest] “DVD Ripping”

One More Browser

Google will soon be browsing as well…

(The explanation on the new browser via comic. Image source: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk)

From Google Blog:-

All of us at Google spend much of our time working inside a browser.

We search, chat, email and collaborate in a browser. And in our spare time, we shop, bank, read news and keep in touch with friends — all using a browser.

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Feedreader 3.07 reviewed

I use Feedreader version 2.9 as the main RSS feed reader and I even blogged about it last year.

Then (I think beginning of this year) I-Systems launched Feedreader version 3.0 which had a better interface and looked much cleaner than version 2.9 (of course). The problem that I noticed is that version 3.0 does not import the folders from version 2.9 automatically.[Click to read the rest] “Feedreader 3.07 reviewed”

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Linux QA Tester

An old photo of my son using my computer before limited access to the computer was “imposed” on him.

A QA tester as I know is someone who tests a system till it fails. When I doing some QA testing on a software, I was asked to do whatever it takes to crash the system so that the system engineers could take a look on what had happened and make the system more robust.… [Click to read the rest] “Linux QA Tester”

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Tech News 101: 3 Steps To Fix Dialer Modem on Ubuntu Linux

linux ubuntu

After almost a week or so, I have finally got an internet connection up and running on my Linux based home computer.

And I agree that using Linux has not been a walk in the park either since after going through the various forums and reading plenty of documents, some instructions for the newbies did not help much (at least in my case).

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Tech News 101: Free & New Windows XP Theme

windows xp theme

Although I have been using Linux at home since last week, I still have to use Windows XP at the office and because of that, I tend to be on the lookout for good Windows theme to brighten up my desktop.

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Learning to be patient

(One way to do yoga – picture source: www.uni-yoga.com.ar/)

There are several ways in this world for one to learn to be patient and take one’s time to do things. One can go for yoga classes and do some serious meditations or one join the early morning tai-chi session with the uncles and aunties in the neighborhood.… [Click to read the rest] “Learning to be patient”

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Tech News 101: 100% Ubuntu Linux

linux ubuntu

It took almost 4 days but I have finally managed to solve my home computer problem and in doing so, I have gone 100% Linux at home. It felt like I just came out from an operation – performing major surgery on a dying patient.

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