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Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Malaysia 101: Key Factors On Zahid Hamidi’s DNAA Decision

Zahid Hamidi Parliament DNAA Legal

One fact that cannot be dismissed from the way the opposition political parties have been behaving after the decision by the Attorney General on Zahid Hamidi’s corruption case is that they are not ready or capable to be effective mechanisms to do a proper check & balance on the current Unity Government. Screenshot: Youtube/Astro

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Living in a Dreamland


(Talking about being the dreamland, the image above has nothing to do with the post below but it’s damn funny. Just letting you know. Source: Malaysian Gags Facebook Page)

Yes, I am still here…

In the morning, one of the first things I do when I am away from the country, is to switch on the news channel (BBC & CNN preferred but if there is none, then the local news channel). It has been my habit since I started flying overseas for assignments. You will never know what would be the breaking news for the day.

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