Pakatan Gangsters

(After PKR, the next PR party in trouble in DAP but are they? Image source:

Well, perhaps it was from a pro-BN blogger, I was not surprised to read this:-

In the same breath the Pakatan Gangsters conducted a candle light vigil against the ISA yesterday. The vigil was just a distraction – to divert attention away from the crap that is now hitting the fan: their links with gangsterism

Gangsterism is increasing in Selangor and consequently in Kuala Lumpur.

I attribute this directly to the Pakatan Gangster that is ruling Selangor. Almost everyday now we read of thugs and gangsterism in schools in Selangor.

(Source: OutSyed The Box)

Syed calls the Pakatan Rakyat politicians gangsters and says that they are the direct cause of crime in the state. But let me ask Syed this question – is the increase in crime in the state and in schools really attributed to Pakatan Rakyat running the state alone? Then what about the police force and the Ministry of Education? What they been doing lately on this issue?

Syed says gangsterism is increasing in Selangor and consequently in Kuala Lumpur. Where are the numbers to back this claim? We like to know too – so that we can analyse it and keep up the pressure on whoever that is incharge in reducing the crime rate in the state. Gangsterism affects us too. And as I recall, Kuala Lumpur despite an overwhelming win by Pakatan Rakyat, is still run by BN. So, the increase in gangsterism in Kuala Lumpur is also attributed by Pakatan Rakyat? If yes, does that mean someone else is not doing their job?

But still, in case Syed is still arguing that BN is better than Pakatan in combating crime, let me illustrate this:-

(Do I see an increasing trend even before 2008? Graph Source: CPPS)

And then in 2009, Malaysia Today reported this:-

In 2007, six (6) police officers and two (2) underworld figures signed Statutory Declarations alleging that senior police officers right up to the IGP have links with the Chinese drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-shark syndicate based in Johor and which was expanding its operation throughout Malaysia.

Another police officer made a police report alleging that his family was kidnapped by the ACA to force him to change his statement while the head of the CCD and his lawyer were arrested and charged for alleged criminal offenses as punishment for detaining underworld bosses under the Emergency Ordinance

No hearsay but statutory declarations and police reports. You still say that the increase in gangsterism is attributed to Pakatan Rakyat alone?

Syed said that a man hacked to death by thugs who tried to recruit his son into the gang and Syed “attribute this directly to the Pakatan Gangster that is ruling Selangor”.

Well, Syed – thanks for heads up but since we are well wired these days, let me give you more disturbing examples that happened long before Pakatan took over the state (you can dig more on the net if you have the time):-

More than 40 residents of the housing estate gathered in front of the Selangor police headquarters to express their dissatisfaction over alleged police inaction on the reports they had lodged against gangsterism (2007)


For Kuala Lumpur:-

Kuala Lumpur city police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Dell Akbar Khan said crimes involving students increased for the first eight months of this year: 141 violent and 668 property crime cases (2003)


I recall seeing massage centers and night clubs opening during Khir Toyo’s time as MB. I remember going to night clubs in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur when Mahathir was still the PM. So, what is the difference with massage centers and night clubs opening during Pakatan Rakyat’s time? Licensing of these massage centers and night clubs is determined by local authorities and if the people are not happy with massage centers and night clubs opening at their place, then they need to bring this up to the local authorities.

But are you saying that more massage centers and night clubs mean more crime for sure? What about other factors – influx of illegal immigrants, lack of education & opportunity, poverty, lack of enforcement, short of manpower in the enforcement agencies, existence of loopholes in the existing laws, downturn of economy and etc?

Come on Syed, I will agree if you say that Pakatan Rakyat is not doing enough monitoring and their politicians need to buck up on their duties but it hardly holds water if you are going to say that they are the SOLE cause of crime in the state. This is because crime was also prevalent in the state when BN was ruling the state.

And it was not right to link the gangsterism with the recent anti ISA vigil – it is 2 different things. Just as you have pro ISA at your end, we have the anti ISA at our end. The fact that ISA has been used for reasons other than what it was intended to be (i.e. fight against communists) is what the protest is all about. Still remember Teresa Kok? Still remember the infamous reporter who was arrested under ISA for “her own safety”?

We certainly do not want to let Mat Selamat walk free but if you are holding him for a reason, then formally charge him in the court of law with terrorism and hang him or send him away to prison or even better, extradite him back to Singapore. At least things will be more apparent and Mat Selamat, despite the danger that he may pose, have a chance to defend himself. Everyone has a right to defend himself under the law.

As I mentioned before, Pakatan Rakyat is not perfect – they have been a pain in the neck for the wrong reasons (more trouble in PKR than in DAP). But so does BN and they were reminded of this very obviously in the last general election. DAP disciplinary committee is hauling more people and that includes Ronnie Liu – so let’s see what the outcome. If what has been alleged turns out to be true, it will mark a dark day for Pakatan Rakyat in the state but at least things are being investigated in the open (read here to see why people think DAP is doing the right thing).

DAP knows what holds for them if they sweep this mess under the carpet – they will lose the confidence of even the strongest pro Pakatan supporters in the next election. I don’t think DAP is going to for that option at the moment. Let get our facts straight – PR or BN, as tax payers, we are in this together.

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KLIA: 3 Ways to Avoid Getting Lost in an Airport


(KLIA is no doubt huge but it is not difficult to find the way around. Image source:

Picked this gem up from Rocky Bru:-

Kenapa tak ada ground staff KLIA yang jaga untuk memberi arahan! Bodoh babi betul. Buat malu negara. Ada airport cantik tetapi planning macam kat kampung zaman P.Ramlee.  Satu hari kamu semua datang ke Changi, saya tunjukkan di setiap cerok di mana penumpang mungkin confuse, ada budak perempuan atau jantan muda berdiri untuk memberi arahan.

(Roughly translated: Why there is no ground crew at KLIA to guide the newly arrived passengers? It is a shame. We have a beautiful airport but the planning sucks big time! Come to Changi (airport) one day and I will show you where at every place where passengers may get confuse, there is always someone to give the right direction)

If you read the whole story by brother Reme, you will understand also why he is pissed off with MAS. Sometimes I wonder whether we have installed the culture of customer care into our daily business dealings. Hopefully MAS will take note of the complaint and will make the necessary changes so that quality of customer service improves. After all, MAS is also our national identity who is also an award winning airline and we are proud of it.

But what catches me is his complaint on KLIA for which an anonymous commenter replies:-

Errr…bukan ke bila kita keluar dari plane ada sign board tunjuk mana immigration / baggage collection. Seingat saya ada gambar train kan on the signboard. So I think it’s pretty straightforward in klia. and why do we need ground staff standing at corners?

Its enough to have a few information counters spread across the airport for those people who can’t read signboards and who don’t bother to do some research on their place of destination. My take is that if you are too stupid to read signboards, you should not be allowed to fly and use airports, let alone go for international travel.

Yes Changi is efficient but based on my traveling experience (and I have traveled quite a bit), KLIA is much better than many airports in capital cities.

I have been traveling quite often over the last 6 – 7 years and let me tell you that KLIA at times can get very confusing for first time travellers (but KLIA is not the only airport that has the problem – even the famous Dubai airport fared even worse). It’s true that by 11 at night, KLIA becomes almost like a ghost town – very few airport staff are seen around and even if you see one, it is most of the time are the foreign cleaners. I usually take the 2 am flight to Dubai, so, you can imagine how KLIA would look like at that hour.

But the thing is it is not that difficult to make your way to the right path leading to the immigration and the luggage claim areas (not only in KLIA). All you need to do is:-

1. Do your homework before you travel.

For those who are planning to travel and may be to arrive in an airport that you are not familiar with, the least you could do is to do some research on it before you arrive.

KLIA is not situated in some 3rd world country and certainly it is not an obscure airport. It has a well defined webpage dedicating to the information and layout of the airport (it even have an interactive map – here). Get to know where the immigration counters, the luggage claim areas are and where to get the taxis and so on UPFRONT before you land. This is because once you have arrived, you are going to be tired, hungry and sleepy and the last thing you need is to be standing like a fool, not knowing where to go and what to do (like the Indian family in bro Reme’s story).

When Bangkok opened its new international airport (the beautiful Suvarnabhumi Airport) and we had to travel to Bangkok, one of the first we did was to do research on the net. Thankfully the airport had a good dedicated webpage and it was good to see where to move around. So, when we arrived, despite the chaos (of a newly opened airport), we simply breezed through and was in our hotel rooms without much delays.

2. Read the signs

KLIA to be fair – is well equipped with proper signs and notices. Unless you do not understand English (which is a big mistake when travelling to this part of the world and I have met people who speak NIL English, flying half way around the world), the signs is more than enough to guide you through. You may get lost momentarily but you will get in just all right.

In most of the airports I have been to, signboards in English are pretty standard and sometimes these signboards comes with pictures or logos to further assist. Even in war torn Kabul, the run down, chaotically managed, high security, suicide bomber’s favourite airport have signboards in English.

3. Ask around

When everything fails – ask someone. It can be your fellow passengers (who may have done their homework or who may have used the airport before), ground crew or the shop assistants at the duty free shops (I have seen even the foreign cleaners showing lost passengers the right way to go). In my recent flight, I noticed more airport staffs were stationed at “strategic” places but it means nothing if the lost passengers don’t open their mouth and ask.

3 simple rules and you will hardly have any problem navigating your way in any airport anywhere in the world. KLIA for an example is an award winning airport and had many good reviews from its customers and although it may not be the best airports around (as claimed by some), it can stand on its own when it comes to comfort and quality (the usually complaints is on the lack of shops). What is needed is some action from the passengers to make their trip less hassle and it is not a difficult thing to do.

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Time’s 2009 Top 25 Blogs

Time Magazine names the following as the top 25 blogs “in the world, spanning politics, housekeeping, astronomy and everything in between” for the year 2009:-

  1. Talking Points Memo
  2. The Huffington Post
  3. Lifehacker
  4. Metafilter
  5. The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan
  6. Freakonomics
  7. BoingBoing
  8. Got2BeGreen
  9. Zen Habits
  10. The Conscience of a Liberal: Paul Krugman
  11. Crooks and Liars
  12. Generación Y
  13. Mashable
  14. Slashfood
  15. Official Google Blog
  16. synthesis
  17. bleat
  18. /Film
  19. Seth Godin’s Blog
  20. Deadspin: Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion
  21. Dooce
  22. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
  23. Said the Gramophone
  24. Detention Slip
  25. Bad Astronomy

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(Time Magazine Logo image source:

Temples vs Schools

Actually this is something that me and my cousin have in our minds for some time now…

(Having beautiful temples is good but having better educated students is better – Image source:

This will be, in my opinion, one of the best ideas to come when it comes to our fellow Indians’ behaviour with donation money and temples.

From Raged Indian:-

Why build thousands of temples when our Indian children can’t even afford to go to the school? Why the fuck do we need air conditioned temple? So that people will call our God ‘cool’ eh? The Tamil schools don’t even have a ceiling fan, and we have fully tiled expensive marble temples all over the country?

We have the biggest statue in the world, and we also have the first school to be located in shop houses. We point our fingers towards the politician, but shouldn’t we be looking in the mirror? The change should be with us. We’re the one to be blamed.

We hesitate to give to another human being, but we do not hesitate to give it to God. When had God used your money? He do not need your pocket money all la! If you’re saying by donating directly to the school, the schools might misuse the money; then what about all the money you give out to the temple; it goes to Lord Sivan’s pocket is it?

We are so scared about God and punishment that we eventually forget what He said in the first place, to help fellow human beings first, not Him. He does not need your fruits, rice or any other things. We, humans are the one who need it. We give out so many offerings to the God, using our hard earned cash, when none of them realistically would reach God.

Ayya veke ayam, attha veke atte kutiyum vettenethe pothum pa…

Annual festival in the temple and you take part in as much as ‘Abishegam’ (ceremonies) as possible. You pay between RM 51 to sometimes as higher as RM 1001 for something that is solely based on your faith. Is there a price for faith? Will God not accept prayers from the poor?

If all this funds can be redirected to schools, imagine how many thousands of children would study in a much more excellent condition than below cramped and hot classrooms?

It is a noble idea especially people have been bugging me to donate “generously” to temples and especially on certain days of the year so that me and my family will get that “extra” blessings. Well, it has not be to only Indian students but to any Malaysian students who been derived of proper environment for better educations. Poor students in schools, facilities depleted schools and struggling charity homes should take precedent to cash rich temples.

Further, with many small temples still hesitating to merge with other smaller temples and create a more efficient temple administration, depriving them of the extra cash in yearly festival donations may just be the trigger to force them to merge into one bigger temple.

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The One Sided Threat

It is rather humorous to read a politician’s threats

(There are always 2 sides of the story and thus it justifies fairness on both sides. Image source:

Yes, the threat can be real of course – after all, they are holding all the ISA, MACC, PDRM, etc panic buttons. It is humorous because politicians are well known to be very selective in their threats.

What threatens their hold on power and money and corrupt way of life is often deemed and sugar laced as a deadly threat to national unity, racial harmony and national wealth. At times, such threats are made to pacify groups of citizens (especially when elections are around the corner) but nothing concrete is done thereafter.

In the last few years, such threats have been coated by politicians as coming from bloggers and opposition politicians. Many direct and indirect attempts been made to silent or to control the blogsphere but so far, bloggers  like RPK have prevailed.

But so far there is no end of the attempts for control of bloggers – the latest crap is this:-

Bloggers who incite hatred or harp on sensitive issues like race and religion in their postings can be prosecuted for sedition, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

(Source: The Star)

Any civic minded citizens will agree that anyone who incite hatred or harp on sensitive issues like race and religion need to be locked in some deep dungeons and the keys to the locks to be thrown away.

But the thing is this; such statements did not come from some “Mahatma Gandhi alike” personality but rather from a person from a political party. Similar statements have been made countless times from other politicians who  have decided to close one eyes on similar acts of hatred and incitement from their own circle of family and friends but jump high and wide with threats when the same thing comes from others.

Let me know how many times rumour and hatred inciters from the mainstream media and ruling political party have been hauled and booked for breaking the laws? Let me know how many times innocent citizens have been detained for questioning and booked under harsh laws based on unsubstantial rumours? Let me know how many times politicians made many threats in public forums to punish the non-Malays for questioning on outdated  and unfair policies and then got scot off free?

And just when I thought Hishammuddin may have decided to change for the good and is going to make serious cleaning up on those who incites hatred and raise sensitive issues, the seasoned politician lets the cat out of the bag with this statement:-

“There should be some boundaries when posting in blogs. Irresponsible bloggers can cause disunity and derail the 1Malaysia concept,” he said

Ha, so the threats has nothing to do with real preservation of national unity and racial & religion harmony among all Malaysians but rather it is about saving Najib’s crappy and outdated 1Malaysia concept. It is about saving Najib’s face in front of Malaysians and getting those who been breaking the illusive 1Malaysia concept to be silenced

So, this is what I think Hishammuddin should do – make the threats fair and square and get everyone, no matter how powerful the parasite may be, to be booked for crimes of inciting hatred and raising sensitive issues. Do this or shove the threats into your keep your one-sided threats to yourself.

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MACC Critics

(MACC – was a big mistake and is not an institution for all Malaysians? Image source:

As the police are having a hard time piecing together the sequences that led to Teoh Beng Hock, the mainstream media led by the ruling party is doing its own spin. The fact that it is now touching on sensitive areas like racial composition of the MACC leads one to think that the Government have lost all avenues to keep shielding MACC from a guilty stand and is desperate to distract our attentions from MACC.

The latest insensitive spin was one written by New Straits Times group managing editor Zainul Ariffin Isa in Berita Harian:-

Berita Harian suggested the agenda was to weaken Malay-controlled institutions in the article, “Kematian Teoh timbulkan pelbagai spekulasi politik”, written by the New Straits Times group managing editor Zainul Ariffin Isa.

He wrote that political opportunism can turn grief into political capital, and death can be made a catalyst to stoke anger and racial sentiments.

“It is not just the Chinese or supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat who know anger and seek justice. “Suspicions have been raised especially among the non-Malays that MACC, which like other departments have many Malay officers, selectively chose non-Malays to be investigated,” he wrote.

(From Malaysian Insider)

Certainly Berita Harian and its learned editor have lost track of the plot and time (I guess they are still locked in the Stone Age mentality).

This certainly requires a strong response! And a hard hitting response it came in form of Art Harun’s post titled “Macdeth Act II – an open letter to Berita Harian” where among many thing he said:-

Yes, the deceased is a Chinese man. But most and foremost is the fact that HE IS A MALAYSIAN. Every death in custody, regardless of race, creed and breed, will be a tragedy and will be treated as tragic by us, Malaysians.

A. Kugan, an Indian, also died in custody, with horrific injuries or mark of injuries. Malaysians of all races denounced that. Malaysians of all races wanted the truth.

When Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and Sharlinie Mohd Nashar were kidnapped, the whole Malaysia was outraged.

That’s hitting a nail to the outdated and reckless statement from Berita Harian that the current tragedy has turned out to be a fight between the Chinese against Malays. It is not! All Malaysians would have been angered the same if the innocent, irregardless of his age, religion and colour of his skin, was interrogated into the wee morning without his lawyers and turns out death on the same premise on eve of his wedding.

Has everything that is going against the establishment has to be racial in nature? Can the establishment make not mistakes, abuse of power and corrupt? As Art Harun said – shame on you, Berita Harian!

Botak’s Code of Ethics


(Bloggers – Government’s worst nightmare and at times, people’s hope! Image source:

From Malaysiakini:-

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar has suggested that a code of ethics be drawn up for bloggers in the country in order to safeguard the nation from racial or religious conflict.

Merah Hitam on the other hand asked “does Hamid Albar eligible to talk about code of ethics?”

Well, it is not the first time politicians are asking other people to do something that they don’t do it themselves. You don’t have to go far to see examples of this right here in Malaysia – just take one making racial and seditious statement. When a politician talks about it, it becomes his right to talk in the manner but when other talks the same; they are taken as real threat against the racial harmony in the country (they can count their lucky stars if the police don’t get interested and charges are not made)

At end of the day, it’s true that we all need some kind of codes of ethics to guide ourselves through but certainly we don’t need double standard politicians to suggest the same. It is better if they start with themselves first before they can be deemed as having locus to advice others. They can start by creating a codes of ethics for politicians.

By the way, for codes of ethics for bloggers, please refer to the Handbook for Bloggers by Reporters without Borders (they have more creditability than the Botak, the “ISA trigger happy” Home Minister) – page 23 on Ethics. It should be easier to expand from there.

Changing Clothes Again

Update: The new template is great but there are some bugs to the code and as Yvy mentioned in the comments, the side bar need to be trimmed. So, the old template is back until I have the time to check the codes and change the background picture.
There comes a time when you open your blog early in the morning, stare at the screen for 5 minutes and then tell yourself “Man, this blog template is getting boring”. You look at it couple of times, just to be sure and find the blog is not changing for better. You do what anyone with itchy hands would do…you change the blog template.

There you go – my simple explanation on my new blog template. I was at Caz this morning and one template caught my eyes. It was with my favorite color, blue and a non-xxx rated picture (there was another template I liked better but it had a picture of a guy holding a girl’s bare backside – cool. Probably I will use that someday). So, since I was in the office very early, I managed to find time to change the template, tweak here and there and presto, my blog have changed clothes – for the 7th time since I started blogging. Yes, the itch is gone for now.

Compared to the previous template, the sidebar at the permalink is working correctly now (the only defect of the previous but otherwise superb template)
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