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The “Review” of the Review of BJ Thoughts

(BJ Thoughts under “scrutiny” by the Blog Critic – giving the independant view of my blog)
I always wanted an independent review of my blog (ok, not always but recently) and a recent review by the Blog Critic was just the answer.

A rating of 6 out 10 is a good start (ok, at least it was over and above the average) and it will great to work on getting a better rating in future (did I just wrote that?

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Ever since I started on blogging, 2 things kept me interested to continue to blog: –
1. coming with the content for a blog (it’s a good mental exercise) and
2. Able to learn new things (when it comes to tweaking my blogspot, my hands are just too itchy to keep still)

Now, with my blog growing in the last 6 months, I am finding some difficulty to search through past blog entries.

[Click to read the rest] “ is indeed delicious!”

Blogging 101: Blogging Language – Important To Do It Correctly?

blogging language

Normally, I have never bothered with the language in anyone’s blog. Why should I? It is not my blog and everyone has their right to determine how they want to express themselves. Admittedly even my own blog is not perfect. It has spelling errors; critical grammar mistakes and sometimes sentences that do not make any sense.

To minimise spelling mistakes and grammar errors, what I do is that I would first type it in an MS Word. Do the spelling and grammar checks before posting. Most of the time, it works but not all the time. Comic source:

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