Special Projects 101: New Car Makeover 2021(Prelude)

car makeover restoration project

A makeover makes a lot of difference given the time, passion and cost that one has. Owning a car is one of the “must-have” items for anyone in the modern era – however, a car is an asset that is expensive to buy and maintain and depreciates and prone to wear and tear depending on its mileage and usage. Image source: 5-Minutes Craft Youtube

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Know Your Car Basics 101: Mistakes Between Alignment & Balancing

Read These First:-

alignment and balancing

(Do you know the differences between tire alignment and tire balancing? It is not necessary that both need to be done at the same time but usually it is done as it is convenient for the mechanic and more income for the workshop. Image Source: https://tamages.blogspot.com)

I did one of the dumbest things when I was driving my car early in the morning yesterday – I drove my car into a pothole even though I had plenty of space to avoid it. I will do a separate post on that as this has a long story on its own.

Anyway, I was at the car workshop to get a fix done when I saw a Honda SUV driven into the workshop. There were 2 guys – probably in the mid 30s – well dressed. They seemed to be young, successful executives. They got down and looked around, probably looking for the chief mechanic or the owner.

The mechanic, who was attending me, looked up and asked them what the problem was. One of the guys said that he wanted to do tire alignment and balancing for his car and handed over the keys to this mechanic.

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