Governance 101: NFC – When They Will Be Really Honest?

NFC Zunar Malaysiakini Cartoon Corruption

(NFC scandal – an unexpected revelation of corruption involves the cows or an internal chess-play for the Pantai Parliamentary seat? Cartoon source: Zunar / Malaysiakini)

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Personal 101: D, The Forgetful

D The Forgetful Children Personal

(Unfortunately, we have one cute, lovable Mr Forgetful right here at home and it is difficult to get angry with this guy. Image source:

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Technology 101: Unsecured Website Astro Now Secured

astro website security

(Validation through email, SMS and PIN number – I really did not expect that from Astro after the earlier snub but then again, it is a welcome change)

A couple of years ago, I highlighted just how unsecured some of the popular websites are and one of them was Astro. I did write to them officially but the response was lukewarm (almost patronizing from the webmasters).

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Blogging 101: YouTube and Funny Political Blogging

political language

The power of the internet may be discounted in some political landscape and certainly by some BN politicians but access to the Internet is one good way to wake up to the spins running in the mainstream media, playing up the Government actions and downplaying values of Opposition parties. Image source: Medium

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