Outbreak 2020: Covid-19 Big Data Projections Till Year 2022

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Despite the fact that a strict lockdown in place due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Government on 4th May 2020 announced a relaxed lockdown with specific SOP aka Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in place so that businesses that have been badly infected by this Covid-19 pandemic can get back on their feet.…

Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Day 38 – MCO Extended Again & Lifestyle Changes

lock down

Despite a lock down in place, you have to admit that it is quite impossible to just remain at home and rely on online purchases especially for groceries. Sooner or later, one has to brace oneself to go out for shopping and that is what I had to do yesterday morning.…

Lock Down In Malaysia 2020: Day 34 – The Ugly Side of Double Standards

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From crisis management readiness started way back in December 2019, Malaysia have done a rather effective management of the crisis with strict lock down & continuos testing – the number of active cases has continued to reduce from a peak 2596 on 5th April 2020 to 2,103 as at 19th April 2020.…

Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Day 31 – It is All About Sustaining the Momentum

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Lock down success in China – seeing the numbers involved is really impressive: Wuhan lockdown – 14 million people involved, Hubei lockdown – 59 million people involved, other cities lock down – 159 million people involved. Information & image source: Zoomax

Many thanks to the strict lock down in place (now in 3rd phase yet almost 15,000 lock down violators caught todate), the number of testing done and people doing less stupid things, the number of active cases has indeed continued to reduce.…

Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Day 24 – Have We Tested Enough People For Coronavirus?


We are indeed living in a new era where we saw medical science becoming the forefront of helping millions of people around the world to be tested, contain & recover from a deadly virus outbreak although unfortunately as at todate 89,900 people have died from the coronavirus.

On the other hand, stupidity & religion has caused so much mess & surge of new infections in many countries in the last 2 months.…

Outbreak 2020: Possible Virus Surge in Pakistan from Tablighi Jamaat Gathering

Tablighi Jamaat

By the way, today is the first time since the lock down started & the 2nd wave from Tablighi Jamaat’s gathering in Malaysia, the active cases have started to reduce. Kudos to the highly dedicated medical team, all the front liners and ordinary Malaysians who despite the many hardships had observed the stay at home order.…

Outbreak 2020: Another Surge of Virus Infection from Tabligh Gathering


This time, the surge of Covid-19 virus outbreak is in India and it is due tabligh gathering in New Delhi. It is now labelled as the biggest domestic source of the disease in the country. Doesn’t this sound very familiar? Infographic source: Hindustan Times

It is the same pattern that is emerging from the tabligh gathering in Malaysia.…

Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Day 4: Stupidity is Public Enemy No 1

lock down

We are into the 4th day of the lock down and by now, I have more or less found a rhythm working from home although the workplace have been far from comfortable. Despite the lock down, the number of confirmed infection had continued to increase with 1183 cases with 114 recovered and 8 deaths.…

Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Day 1: Working From Home

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As at yesterday and with a nationwide lock down, the country still saw a surge of coronavirus cases to 790 confirmed infections with 2 deaths and only 60 recovered.

The moronic part of the surge in number of infection is this – 513 of the 790 confirmed cases (almost 65%) were due to the irresponsible religious gathering – an event where the participants, organisers and their supporters are still in denial mode and missing by the thousands.…

Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Why Malaysia in Partial Lock Down?

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You know the situation is very serious when a 4D gambling premise that will not close for flood, sun or rain and even Chinese New Year is in the end forced to close in a lock down. Image source: Facebook

Although partial lock down still allows some freedom for citizens to buy essential items, it is a restriction nonetheless.…

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