National Security 101: Extradition Of Criminals Internationally

Extradition Hong Kong China Malaysia Law Indira Gandhi Muhammad Riduan Abdullah

There was a major protest on the extradition laws that Hong Kong legislation intends to pass which will make it possible to send suspects to mainland China for trial. It was eventually withdrawn after months-long of protests from the citizens. Image source: Australian Institute of International Affairs.

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Crime Index 2013: Malaysia Becoming Latin America Gangland


(Business Insider last year reported that 20 out of the top 50 dangerous cities lies in Latin America and that itself speaks for the level of criminals from that region. If left unchecked and the severity of the issue is taken for granted, this country will be overrun by them and Malaysia would end up as one of the dangerous places to be in. Image source:

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National Security 101: Con Jobs By Foreign Scammers


(Ya, it is just a joke but the reality of things is conman can come in many forms and can strike when you least expected. Image source:

Seriously, reading the daily newspaper can be a frightening thing early in the morning these days!

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Enforcement 101: Entertaining Traffic Offence Criminals

The Government want to give a dim hope to criminals on the road to continue their crime is beyond any reasonable comprehension.

(Traffic offenders are not only a major nuisance on the road but they are also dangerous to others. I don’t see the point of giving leniency towards repeated offenders. Image source:

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Enforcement 101: When Perak Pakatan Rakyat Defend Criminals

perak speaker pakatan rakyat

(It is already bad for Pakatan Rakyat politicians for already losing the State of Perak no thanks to self-centred frogs, do you want to lose the support of the people too ah? Stop supporting the criminals otherwise, you will never gain the trust of the people. Image source: Malaysiakini)

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Malaysia 101: Politicising A Young Death Sucks

Aminulrasyid Amzah Police Shooting Politics

(What some politicians failed to see is that the eye-witness story that has too many holes which makes the victim, Aminulrasyid Amzah coming out without any faults – is the police really to be blamed? Image source: Malaysian Insider)

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