TV Shows 101: Space 1999, The 1970’s Classic Science Fiction

Moonbase Space 1999 TV Shows 1970 Science Fiction Eagle Spacecraft

The race to space propelled imagination of many around the world and that included the television & movies which gave us many classics such as the 1970s science fiction TV show titled “Space 1999”. Image source: Ultimate Classic Rock

During this lockdown and self-isolations in quarantine centre, one of the things I decided to do to kill the boredom (and make full use of the free internet) by watching old TV series which now is available on Youtube. I had watched a few but for space-related shows, Space 1999 crossed my mind instantly.

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Earth Hour 2010

(Image source:

It is the time of year again when all lights will be switched off for 1 hour. The date is on 27th March 2010 – this Saturday.

Visit Earth Hour website or the local site for details

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Dreams 101: The Unexpected, Strange End of Mankind?

mars mankind dreams planet desert

(Will mankind be able to survive here? The surrounding on Earth in thousands of years looked something like this but it was darker and more sinister. Image source: NeedPix)

From a dream…

I was part of an international team to be sent into the future to study how mankind will go extinct.

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