Tech News 101: 1Email, The Worst Case Scenarios

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(Dealing with “not so up-to-date with the latest technology” government servants on official business can be tricky at times – especially when things are not so clear like the use of free, secured emails for official communications. Image source: Flickr)

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Tech News 101: Free Email for Everyone?

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(Is there a real and valid reason to have an email address? How about when the Government have decided to create one email for all Malaysians? Image source:

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Evolution of Asking Direction

They say men don’t stop and ask for directions – hence invitation email with directions in detail.

(Cartoon source:

An invitation email that arrived in my in-box this morning. Similar emails are sent on monthly basis but looking back at the past emails, I could see a trend of how to tell people how to reach the “place”.… [Click to read the rest] “Evolution of Asking Direction”

Fantastic Trip to Iran 2009: No Internet Access!

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Last Wednesday marked the 30th anniversary of Iran’s storming of American Embassy in Tehran and taking 52 people as hostages for 444 days. Apparently this event is celebrated on a yearly basis in Iran. However this year, such ‘celebration’ was also used by the oppositions here to protest against the ruling party.… [Click to read the rest] “Fantastic Trip to Iran 2009: No Internet Access!”

A Letter from FBI

(Image source:

Got this in my inbox the other day and it started as follows…

Anti-Terrorist and International Fraud Division.

Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

Washington, DC 20535

The starting of the email sounded very serious and I started to wonder whether my ‘dark’ activities have been detected.… [Click to read the rest] “A Letter from FBI”

English 101: The Wrong Email Styling Impressions

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Sometimes, you can tell the difference from how people write things down or draft the content of their emails and then send it out to others. Image source: Reddit

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Tech News 101: Is Astro Website Best Place to Steal Personal Info?

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Last year, I blogged about how unsecured was the Astro’s online customer detail maintenance and after several correspondences with them, the matter seems settled then with Astro promising to improve the security details of the website.

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Things to watch out for when emailing

Inspired by Din’s “Email Wars”, I had to write something about emails, in particular, if emailing using office email.

1. Sent to the relevant person

I know some people who email me and cc the email to another 15 people so that 1. If anything goes wrong, they have the 15 people as witness 2.… [Click to read the rest] “Things to watch out for when emailing”

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