Blogging 101: Enriched And Rewarding, 15 Years of Blogging

blogging years

What is the biggest challenge that I have faced in all my years of blogging? The same as many other bloggers out there – time to do a blog post. Mind you, when I say the time, this includes the time to think of the blog post idea, the time to get enough research to be done, time to draft the content and finally posting it.… [Click to read the rest] “Blogging 101: Enriched And Rewarding, 15 Years of Blogging”

Being a Mean, Angry Hulk in 2016!


(One of the best scene from the Avengers – Hulk vs a God and guess who won. I watched this scene probably hundred times and I never got bored with it. Image source:

It was “bang” leaving 2015 – we all watched the new Star Wars movie and we all loved it from the start to the end.… [Click to read the rest] “Being a Mean, Angry Hulk in 2016!”

When 1 is On A Critical Mission Overseas


(My favourite shot – taken when I am at departure gate, coming back home. It is also means mission completed successfully and I have 1 less thing to worry once I am back)

Hold on for a second whilst I l take a moment to dust off the dust from this blog.… [Click to read the rest] “When 1 is On A Critical Mission Overseas”

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