Health 101: Understanding Ancient Ayurvedic’s 3 Main Doshas

Ayurvedic Health Dosha Hindu Balance

It is not limited to just the science of Ayurvedic, the key point of everything in this life is to have a good balance in everything we do, say and eat and we have seen this from our lifestyles, diet and even how we manage ourselves. This is not something new and in different aspect of health, balance Image source: Taste For Life.

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Religion 101: Wrong Moves in the Name of Religion Part 2


The issue of religion in this country has been a very sticky issue especially when it comes to issues relating to Muslims and Non Muslims.

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Advertisement 101: Ridiculous 1Malaysia Deepavali Ad

(Despite the years, this is still the best Deepavali advertisement ever! It was funny, direct to the point and made us think for a second on the meaning of Deepavali. We will miss Yasmin Ahmad for her talents & creativity)

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Temple Fiasco Revisited

Almost a year ago, I talked about the temple fiasco faced in the state of Selangor and the latest protest by Section 23 residents had somehow prompted me to revisit this delicate issue

In my post titled ‘Temple Fiasco & MP Resigning”  I laid down 6 steps that the state government could look at when dealing with the many Hindu temples in the state.… [Click to read the rest] “Temple Fiasco Revisited”

Hindu Temple Architecture

Got this in my inbox

(Image source:

The architecture of Hindu temples evolved over a period of more than 2,000 years and there is a great variety in this architecture.

Hindu temples are of different shapes and sizes – rectangular, octagonal, semi circular – with different types of domes and gates.… [Click to read the rest] “Hindu Temple Architecture”

Religion 101: Thaipusam Scary Trip to Batu Caves 2009 Part 1

thaipusam batu caves hinduism hindu malaysia

(Batu Caves – best visited on any day except on Thaipusam. Less crowd and easy parking but a big miss on interesting kavadis. Image source:

It is has been a long weekend for me. We managed to get some outstanding things done during the holidays but it comes at a price – body aching and foot pain. It gets worse once I reached the office, only to find urgent things to be done in the next 2 days and a meeting scheduled at night in KL.

Certainly, this is not the way to start the week.

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