Religion 101: Everyone’s Protective, Brave Guardian Warriors

Marmadesam Vidaathu Karuppu Warrior Religion K Balachander

I trust in every religion or society, there always been some form of guardian angels or warriors who will either looks after you personally, family or even a specific village and so on.

When I was in Cambodia on a work assignment, one of the things I did after I came back to the hotel and had my dinner is to watch an old Tamil serial titled “Marmadesam Vidaathu Karuppu” which has a few interesting subplots.… [Click to read the rest] “Religion 101: Everyone’s Protective, Brave Guardian Warriors”

General Knowledge 101: Between Raw Facts and Twisted Facts

facts facebook Hillary

This just proves that there are too many idiots on social media who do not know the facts when they open their mouth to comment on something. This particular comment in the Facebook post is one such example where one is talking Edmund Hillary who had climbed the Mount Everest and not the politician Hillary Clinton.… [Click to read the rest] “General Knowledge 101: Between Raw Facts and Twisted Facts”

Religion 101: An Uplifting Journey Of An Agnostic Atheist

pray science covid19 pandemic outbreak

(A simple question – in light of COVID19 pandemic on the loose on a global scale, when was the last time you saw religion or religious miracle workers healed an infected patient? In the end, it is modern science, medical advances and a good dose of common sense that prevailed. Image source: Facebook)

Well, I am not sure if there is a term called an agnostic atheist when it comes to religion & beliefs.… [Click to read the rest] “Religion 101: An Uplifting Journey Of An Agnostic Atheist”

Religion 101: Upholding Dharma As Way of Positive Life

buddha dharma religion hindu hinduism

It is a short post for this week but upholding dharma is something that our country (and its good citizen) have been lacking in some areas and should be revisited. It is also something that I have been pondering on a personal basis. Image source: Photo by Emily KenCairn of Apiary Studio on Unsplash

[Click to read the rest] “Religion 101: Upholding Dharma As Way of Positive Life”

Customer Service 101: Here’s Your Beef Pizza


(BF on the pizza list does not mean chicken, I am very sure of it but the staff insisted it is chicken. It may not look like much but add the service and the tax and soon to be GST, eating out may not be a cheap thing. Having the restaurant mixing your order is just rubbing the salt on your wounds)

Dear, that looks like beef, my wife told me as the waiter placed the pizza on the table…

[Click to read the rest] “Customer Service 101: Here’s Your Beef Pizza”

Religion 101: Doubtful Holy Man Encounters

religion sai baba holy man

(When it comes to holy man, Sathya Sai Baba, one of India’s most influential spiritual leaders would come to mind. He breathed his last at a hospital funded by his organisation in his home town of Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh last Sunday. He was 85. Image source:

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Kali Mints


(This is certainly insensitive to the Hindus around the world but in the western world, where there is freedom of expression and speech, being insensitive is not that too surprising)

From the website:-

Kali is a Hindu goddess that represents death, destruction, time and change. And what food comes to mind when you think of death, destruction, time and change?

[Click to read the rest] “Kali Mints”

2012 & 4 Yugas

(Image source:

In my earlier post on 2012, it was stated that the Hindus believed that there will be a golden year within Kali Yuga. But what is Kali Yuga anyway.

From About Hinduism:-

According to Hindu scriptures, all mortal beings are destined to pass through four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction.

[Click to read the rest] “2012 & 4 Yugas”

Religion 101: Timeless Code of Good Conduct From Vedas

Here’s something for the start of the week, something that everyone can embrace to (without the need to change religion)…

Conduct vedas hinduism religion

(Lies within the Vedas are the common-sense code of conduct recorded in the Upanishads, the final section of the Vedas. Image source: Stack Exchange)

[Click to read the rest] “Religion 101: Timeless Code of Good Conduct From Vedas”

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