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Technology 101: Does Mesh WiFi Improves Internet Connection?

Mesh WiFi Internet

When using the wifi for the internet connection at home which has multiple floors and thick walls in between, one cannot run away from internet dead zones, poor connection and solutions like Mesh WiFi actually designed to resolve these connectivity problems. Image source: Hello Tech

The pandemic that most of us work and attend classes from home truly tested the robustness of the logistics at home and this included the internet connection and also arrangement on shopping for groceries and food. The good thing is we had installed fibre optics internet way before the pandemic hit our shores but over time, as more devices hooked to the internet and some areas of the house encountered wifi dead zones, we had to look at a solution for this.

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Prepping 101: 5 Essential Things You Must Have When You Move To New House

wrench set house prepping toolbox hardware

(My favourite set of tools as I can use for both house related DIY fixes and also car repairs. It is easy for my kids to use to fix their own cabinets and book selves for their rooms. Image source: Lazada

In the last 2 years, a number of my colleagues, friends and relatives had bought new houses and immediately set on renovation and interior decoration. However with the global pandemic where the future is uncertain, it pertinent for all to revisit on the idea of prepping the house so that you can depend less on others for simple fixes and works.

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Budgeting 101: Easy Project – Fix It Yourself Water Heater 2020

drill DIY tools toolbox water heater wiring

(The year 2020 was ripe for a water heater replacement project and you need to have one of these items on standby – a proper toolbox set with the basic items like screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, etc, extendable ladder, water leakage tools, spare bulbs & cables and of course a drill. Image source: Pexels).

One of the promises that I made to my wife beginning this year was to finally replace the old, broken water heater in our master bathroom. Actually it is an old promise dating many years ago as the old water heater needed to be replaced years ago but every time I wanted to replace it, I would have forgotten about it or some overseas assignment would come and I would get busy with that. That will be the case until the next year comes and my wife would be reminding me again.

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