National Security 101: Can Anyone Steal Data From Undersea Cables?

undersea cable submarine

A submarine communications cable (or undersea cable) is a cable laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and sea. A large chunk of it passes by the Straits of Malacca which is also one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world these days. Image source: Submarine Cable Map.

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Health 101: Understanding Ancient Ayurvedic’s 3 Main Doshas

Ayurvedic Health Dosha Hindu Balance

It is not limited to just the science of Ayurvedic, the key point of everything in this life is to have a good balance in everything we do, say and eat and we have seen this from our lifestyles, diet and even how we manage ourselves. This is not something new and in different aspect of health, balance Image source: Taste For Life.

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Outbreak 2020: Stupidity When the Law Is Seriously Clear

covid19 stupidity minister politicians law

(The law is equal to all – in other words, there is no one above the law so the application of the law to anyone would need to be the same. But in reality, there seems to be some inequality when it comes to enforcing the law. Image source: Facebook) 

The problem with some politicians in the country is that once they have broken a law, instead of accepting that they have knowingly or unknowingly broken the law and apologising and taking the punishment under the law, they lie and try to cover it up with dumb excuses. This despite the SOP provided by the Ministry of Health is crystal clear on the matter.

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Blogging 101: 3 Types of Bad Youtube Videos You Should NOT Watch

Youtube video streaming internet

In these social media days, hardly a day goes by when one will not be in touch with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course, Youtube. Over the years, I have come to rely on video sites for my dose of debates, motivation talks, travels, documentaries, interviews, how-to-do tutorials, comedy, music videos, concerts, movies and other forms of entertainment. Image Source: Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

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Devastating Chennai Floods 2015 & Art of Prepping

prepping chennai flood water ration

Let’s talk about prepping which is another key aspect of this blog (the other is how Malaysians drive on the road and of course politics) and on the recent disaster in Chennai, India. Image source:

Read these first:-

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MH370: Time to Reassess the Shortcomings


(Substitute the chill beer, wine and other liquors on a board with locally made, sugar high cendol and a plane is guaranteed not to crash into the sea – so says a joker in Malaysia. Perhaps he is right but then again this is not the right time and the place to say these things. Some people just don’t get it, do they? Image source:

The fate of the missing plane has somehow been determined – more or less. We can only say our deepest condolences to the families of the crew and passengers of MH370 and hope they would find some kind of closure and peace over the lost of their loved ones. MH370 will be remembered.

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National Security 101: Con Jobs By Foreign Scammers


(Ya, it is just a joke but the reality of things is conman can come in many forms and can strike when you least expected. Image source:

Seriously, reading the daily newspaper can be a frightening thing early in the morning these days!

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Tech News 101: Rebooting the Internet Under Attack

internet reboot smartcard

(The smart cards that are going to be a lifeline when the internet comes down and needs someone to reboot it back to normal. Image source: The Guardian)

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Malaysia 101: Slaying the Real Bogeyman

Bogeyman Malaysia Non Malay

(Who is the real bogeyman in Malaysia? Some people determined to prove that it is none other than fellow Malaysians. Photo by Chavdar Lungov from Pexels)

The 53rd anniversary of our independence is just around the corner, and yet we continue to read this nonsense that causes us to go after the wrong bogeyman – we should be ashamed of ourselves.

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Technology 101: Making DVD Ripping Easy

DVD Movie

As technology evolves, the media storing movies also changes from VHS cassettes, VCD, DVD and now softcopy files that can be stored in a thumb drive. Photo by Agostino Toselli from Pexels

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