Kingdom of Cambodia 2020: Part 4 – Glorious, Delicious Food at Designated Hotel

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One of the benefits of staying in a designated hotel is that we don’t have to go far for food – everything is delivered to the room. It is the same case here considering that we are not allowed to venture out for food and other shopping.

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Delicious Food in Cape Verde – Part 2 (Lunch)

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(Cape Verde is blessed with abundance of sea food especially tuna for lunch which we can get in a bigger chunks here compared to in Malaysia. The vegetables however is nothing to shout about – we can get better vegetables here in Malaysia)

One of the key SOP when we are working at customer’s site is that firstly we minimize time taken for lunch and secondly we break into 2 teams so that there is always someone around during lunch time.… [Click to read the rest] “Delicious Food in Cape Verde – Part 2 (Lunch)”


Sometimes, organizing a departmental lunch can be more complex than implementing a full scale project…

(Sometimes it is easier if it is cheap, healthy, tasty and standard menu tied to it. Image source:

One of the reasons for departmental lunch / dinner is to get together all the department staff in an “off office” mode and break down any misunderstandings and barriers.… [Click to read the rest] “Lunch”

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