Technology 101: The Headache of Having Multiple e-Wallet Apps

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In today’s world, one cannot escape from performing financial transactions through the internet, e-wallets or pre-paid cards. We have become a cashless society considering the high risk of carrying cash around and the ease of performing financial transactions using online and e-wallet apps. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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Formula 1: Petronas’ All Right Moves


Although I am of the opinion that money spent on Formula 1 can be spent on something else, but it comes to Petronas and Formula 1, it may be a different story (as long as no public funds slips in) reports:-

“Petronas signs with Mercedes GP – words fail me,” former Minardi ace Yoong, now heading up Lotus’ driver development programme, wrote on his personal Twitter page.

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Honouring Agreements

A promise is a cloud, fulfilment is rain (an Arabian Proverb)

(Are we going to keep crossing fingers when making promises – image source:

Are we into the habit of breaking agreements so openly now? Breaking promises that we once swear to keep and uphold?

If you have been reading the news or the blogsphere lately, you will notice that there has been some issue with the Federal Government not honouring past agreements.… [Click to read the rest] “Honouring Agreements”

Malaysia Boleh! – Wherever you are

Day 5 in Bangkok

Working on an overseas assignment can be very tiring and challenging. There is a feeling to get the work done professionally and expediently. After all reputations are on the line – personal, company or country.

But sometimes, we see something that is Malaysian in nature in a foreign country…whether it is about seeing a Proton Wira in Africa or seeing another Malaysian speaking the Bahasa Kebangsaan in Middle-East, our spirits are up and running.

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