Blogging 101: It Has Been A Challenging Year 2020

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One has to admit that year 2020 have been a very challenging year, not only for the country but for everyone around the world. One main factor that had shaken everyone left, right and centre have been the COVID19 pandemic. Will things getting better in the coming year 2021? Image source: The Journal of mHealth

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Honouring Agreements

A promise is a cloud, fulfilment is rain (an Arabian Proverb)

(Are we going to keep crossing fingers when making promises – image source:

Are we into the habit of breaking agreements so openly now? Breaking promises that we once swear to keep and uphold?

If you have been reading the news or the blogsphere lately, you will notice that there has been some issue with the Federal Government not honouring past agreements.… [Click to read the rest] “Honouring Agreements”

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