Recycling 101: Why We Are Not Segregating Our Waste in Malaysia?

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In 2015 the Government made it mandatory for residents to separate their waste at the source and I was happy that finally something concrete being done on the manner our garbage is being processed.

After all, we have not gone big by going with recycling on a wider scale coupled with a greater push towards protecting the environment.… [Click to read the rest] “Recycling 101: Why We Are Not Segregating Our Waste in Malaysia?”

Recycling 101: Pushing to Recycling An Old Car

Volvo Accident Crash Test Safety NCAP Recycling

(When you think of Volvo, you will think Sweden, safety and luxury. Now you can add environmentally friendly recycling to the  Volvo brand as well. Image source: WIRED)

The buzz word of the day is recycling and there is no major act from Malaysians to prioritize recycling in daily life.… [Click to read the rest] “Recycling 101: Pushing to Recycling An Old Car”

Recycling News

(Poster source:

Let’s talk on something else that seems to take back seat amidst the political circus in Malaysia – the environment and in particular, level of recycling in Malaysia

In early 2009, this was reported:-

Malaysia’s housing ministry bemoaned the country’s low recycling rate which is currently a dismal 5 per cent, far lower than its neighbouring South-east Asian neighbours, official news reports said Monday

Neighbouring Singapore recorded a 56% recycling rate last year and the Philippines at 12% while Malaysia’s northern neighbours Thailand boasted almost a 50% cycling rate in 2008

Another source on the net reveals that most of the developed countries have almost 50% or higher recycling rate compared to Malaysian’s 5% (it may have improved by 0.0001% in 2010 but we will never know for sure).… [Click to read the rest] “Recycling News”

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