Movie Review: Transformers 2

(The second installation of the movie – bigger & louder but not better – Image source:

My son been pushing me to take him to watch the movie for past few days and when I was on leave on a working day, time was just perfect to take the family to see the one of the most anticipated movie of the year.… [Click to read the rest] “Movie Review: Transformers 2”

Dreams 101: The Unexpected, Strange End of Mankind?

mars mankind dreams planet desert

(Will mankind be able to survive here? The surrounding on Earth in thousands of years looked something like this but it was darker and more sinister. Image source: NeedPix)

From a dream…

I was part of an international team to be sent into the future to study how mankind will go extinct.… [Click to read the rest] “Dreams 101: The Unexpected, Strange End of Mankind?”

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