Coiled Springs

It was a close call a couple days ago…

(Image source :

We decided to go out for lunch and since there were just 3 of us, we decided to take my car instead of the usual ride – my buddy’s more robust and heavy duty Toyota Unser. Just when I drive away from the parking lot, I heard a “thud, thud, thud” sound coming from the wheel base.… [Click to read the rest] “Coiled Springs”

Special Projects 101: Car Makeover 2010 (The Premise)

project foose

(I wish Chip Foose was working on my project for car makeover – the man does ‘magic’ with his hands. Image source: Autoblog)

Remember I mentioned about doing projects? I have started on some of them – managed to complete one (Project: Garden), started but put on hold (Project: Art and Project: Charity).… [Click to read the rest] “Special Projects 101: Car Makeover 2010 (The Premise)”

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