Military 101: Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Reliable Transport Carriers

RMAF TUDM CN-235 Transport Military

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) even converted some of the CN-235 transport planes into maritime patrol roles which says a lot about the capabilities of a modern, well-designed transportation aircraft. Image source: Wikipedia.

When it comes to the air force’s mainstream inventory, one would often fancy their latest lineup of the latest jet fighters and perhaps their heavily armed & armoured attack helicopters but no one talks about the workhorse of the air force, the transport carriers.

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Gaming 101: Airline Manager 4 – Managing Brand New Airline

Airline Manager 4

Airline Manager 4 or AM4 is rather a simple managerial simulation game and yet it is addictive in a strange way. Simulation games that require planning, strategic moves and an eye on income and expenses had always synced with my interest in project management. Image source: AM4 Game Site

One of them is Sim City which puts the player in the seat of the mayor of a major city and another is FA Club Manager which puts the player in the seat of an English League football manager.

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Leadership 101: MH370 – A Lesson in Crisis Management

MH370 – frankly speaking, the last thing we need now is a missing plane…


(I had to pinch myself when I first heard about the missing plane. I flew MAS on a regular basis and I prefer flying on a Boeing 777 than Airbus. Having a missing plane was something that all Malaysian did not expect to hear on a Saturday morning. The disappearance remains a mystery and a multi-country search to date have revealed nothing to date. Image source:

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Technology 101: Finding The Safest Airplane Seat

airplane seat safest

(Chances of survival in case of a crash – pick your seats wisely – it may even keep you alive in the unlikely situation. Note the irony of things – you pay more for Business Class but your chances of survival are even slimmer. Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels)

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Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: Part 2 – Settling Down

chennai dabarah coffee trip

(The way to start the day – Chennai style – light filter coffee with thick cow milk in a small tumbler. The small plate at the bottom is known as ‘dabarah’ which is supposed to be used to cool down the hot coffee but Malaysians like us, we just blow on the top of the cup and drank the milk rich coffee)

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Moving Around Bangkok

Day 12 in Bangkok

Ever since we arrived in Bangkok, the only ride we have been using to get around the town is taxi (metered taxi). We also walked a lot and sometimes beyond our expectation (ok, not our but my expectation). Gosh, I think I have not walked that far for a very long time.… [Click to read the rest] “Moving Around Bangkok”

This is a good business in India…

This will be my 183rd post for 2005 (last one for the year)…

Any aspiring businessman should look at this business – providing public transport service in India. For simple reason, it seems like there is not enough buses to go around (all pictures taken by my sister when she went to India for a tour)

Image hosted by

(Sardine packed “school bus” – schoolchildren going to school on an Auto.
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