Recycling 101: Why We Are Not Segregating Our Waste in Malaysia?

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In 2015 the Government made it mandatory for residents to separate their waste at the source and I was happy that finally something concrete being done on the manner our garbage is being processed.

After all, we have not gone big by going with recycling on a wider scale coupled with a greater push towards protecting the environment.… [Click to read the rest] “Recycling 101: Why We Are Not Segregating Our Waste in Malaysia?”

Formula 1 for 1 Malaysia

After Samy Vellu and Khir Toyo, it is time for Najib to put his hands on public funds…

(It is not cheap to run a Formula 1 team. Image source:

With this report from theStar, the multi billion PKFZ scandal may end up looking like peanuts:-

The 1Malaysia F1 Team, a joint venture between the Government and private sector, will participate in the F1 race beginning next year.

[Click to read the rest] “Formula 1 for 1 Malaysia”
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