Outbreak 2021: Part 1 Unexpected COVID19 Scare At The Office

COVID19 Malaysia 2021

As at 7th January 2021, Malaysia registered 3,027 new COVID19 cases making a total 128,465 case and 8 new deaths making a total 521 deaths. Image source: Malay Mail.

Globally the total number of COVID19 infection cases has arisen more than 86 million cases with 1.9 million deaths with the US remained in the lead with 21 million cases and more than 360,000 cases.… [Click to read the rest] “Outbreak 2021: Part 1 Unexpected COVID19 Scare At The Office”

Next Change: Crazy 13,000 km Trip


(Image Source: Cruise Mapper)

Yes, next change coming up:-

It has been some time since I last visited this blog.

The last few years have carried me away from the blogging and more towards others like social media, health and gaming.… [Click to read the rest] “Next Change: Crazy 13,000 km Trip”

Our Boring Routine in Kabul (Day 10)

(Day 10 in Kabul)

We are in our usual routine now – wake up early, work non stop and leave from office to hotel in wee hours.

Too tired to do any other things other than take a quick shower and hit the bed. Having a morning traffic jam due to an accident is welcome change to our otherwise a very boring journey from the hotel to our office.… [Click to read the rest] “Our Boring Routine in Kabul (Day 10)”

Health 101: Funny Formulas during Fasting Month

fasting month MBT tank

(When it comes the fasting month, this is the type of “transport” we need at times to block the queue jumpers – Photo by Mongibeddu)

[Click to read the rest] “Health 101: Funny Formulas during Fasting Month”
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