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Made a quick trip “down under” last week…

(I must admit, Changi is one well managed airport with plenty of signage to ensure everyone knows where to go – provided you know English. Price of items sold at the airport is at the high side though. But I guess the most unsettling thing at the airport is seeing young girls walking around with sidearms – I am sure they are well trained on firearms and tactics but still, it is very unsettling.Click to read the rest

Sometimes I wish I could shout “I am not driving a bus lah!”


(This is how some relatives see my car at certain times – Image source:

Couple days ago, my car suspensions took a heavy pounding – all because my mom decided to be very generous.

We were planning to go to temple – me, my wife, the “big boss”, of course and my mom.… Click to read the rest

Can you imagine the feeling that I had yesterday?

(Imagine that you have passed this kind of traffic jam, only to be told to go back and fetch someone and go through the same kind of traffic jam again. Image source:

I decided to come back from work early and leaving for home early means getting stuck in “peak” of the traffic jam.… Click to read the rest

Punctuality 0 (0)

I did a product briefing for some people some time ago.

(My dad has the same time standards. Image source:

The briefing was scheduled to start at 5.00 pm and knowing how some people like to walk in late for briefings and trainings, I decided that a head up message on the briefing would be good.… Click to read the rest

(Image source:

In my earlier post on 2012, it was stated that the Hindus believed that there will be a golden year within Kali Yuga. But what is Kali Yuga anyway.

From About Hinduism:-

According to Hindu scriptures, all mortal beings are destined to pass through four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction.

Click to read the rest
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