Don’t You Feel Like… 0 (0)

Sometimes when you read the headlines and on the state of the nation, don’t you feel like looking down in sheer frustration and then look up and say a silent prayer?

Yes, no doubt there other positive things to look out for – a roof over your head, good health, lovable family and friends, good job with enough pay to take care of your family and live rather comfortably.… Click to read the rest

A Quick Guide to Star Trek – Part 2 0 (0)

“She [the Borg Queen] brought me closer to humanity than I ever thought possible. And for a time, I was tempted by her offer. (Picard: For how long?) Zero point six-eight seconds, sir… For an android, that is nearly an eternity” (Data, Star Trek: First Contact)

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Star trek

(One is Klingon warrior and the only of his kind in the Starfleet but often looked down by his own people whilst another is a cool, master tactician Vulcan who prefer logic over violence) 

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A Quick Guide to Star Trek – Part 1 0 (0)

“I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you, Q. The universe is not so badly designed!” (Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generations episode Tapestry)

star trek

The best starship manned by the best crew and led by the best captain in the Federation – Star Trek: The Next Generations (ST: TNG) and Star Trek Voyager (VOY) was one of my favourite TV shows in the 1990s.… Click to read the rest

Childhood Memories Part 14 0 (0)

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Viper Mark II with Voram VM2-D15 upper turbo-thrust engine, Voram VM3-D22 turbo-thrust engines, reverse thrust motors, MEC-A6 30mm Thraxon forward-firing kinetic energy weapons with 800 round magazine and 8 HD70 Lightning Javelin missiles.

When I was small, one of my favourite sci-fi series was Battlestar Galactica and one part of the series that I liked was the Viper “space superiority fighter”.… Click to read the rest

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