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About Me 101

This Section is About Me

[Note: Last Update as at 8 Feb 2020]


Sometimes it is hard to say things about yourself, trust me, it is tough. You do not want to be seen as self-praising but not to the extent of self degrading.

I started blogging in late 2005 (I know then I should have started much earlier) and what a journey it has been!

Blog’s journey

Like most of us, I started blogging in Google blogging platform at Blogger in 2005 before moving to WordPress in 2007 as I felt the interface & controls were slicker in WordPress. Of course, Google revamped their platform better couple of years later.

As many of us, I too was excited on blogging and had thousands of ideas and contents to write about but considering blogging is not full time, in the end, my passion to write had to take a back seat whilst I focussed on work and family. So the years of 2016 to 2018 were quite horrible when it comes to blogging.

And in 2019, I decided to move from a free platform to a self hosted website, still running on WordPress as the base. There are couple of reasons for it but to be frank, I had a very good offer to move on – an offer I could not resist.

Further I was determine this time, to ensure I remained active in blogging but at the same time juggling work and family matters which remains a high priority. It is rather stressful having a lot of thoughts and opinions but without any avenue to express them at the end of the day.

I have clocked 1,682 posts (at time of this update and counting) and now moving on a self-hosted website, I am more motivated to continue blogging. I am still learning though – in blogging, language, SEO and general knowledge.

Making Changes Through Writing

I started blogging with no particular theme but seeing how some Malaysian citizens are treated as a second class citizen in their own country, how prosecution has been selective and how corruption & race based policies is widespread, this blog has slanted more towards Malaysia and the political situation – something that I would deemed as very necessary especially after having children of my own.

What kind of future awaits them and their generation? We cannot afford to continue to be in ignorance and walk the other way when we see something that is very unfair happening in front of us.

These were the thoughts that was running in my mind before the last general election in 2018 and I am glad that we bloggers contributed in small way to make the necessary changes and although we have a New Malaysia lead by Pakatan Harapan, we are not done yet.

Malaysia is great and I am proud to call myself as a Malaysian but we have a long journey ahead of us if we want to make this beautiful country a paradise to live in and certainly one level higher than the rest of other countries. There are many things to be done – as a blogger, I hope to participate in this change in a small but active ways.

But I also blog on other issues – current event, family, childhood memories, motoring and more (just click on the sidebar to see all categories & tags). And by doing so, it makes this blog with mixed topics unlike those specialized ones. Depending on the readers, it can be a bad or good thing.

Please do leave your comments in this blog – either on the posts or suggestions on making this blog better. Comments from readers give more inspiration to write better and interact with the readers closer.

Please read the disclaimers & the security policies as well.

Happy blogging and reading!

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