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[Last update done: 10.09.2009]

Q: What started me on blogging?

A: I would really love to say that “I had plenty of time and I did not know what to do” but unfortunately I can’t. As many of us, my time is often spent on work and family. Blogging is something I do in between or when there is a pressing issue in my mind. So why do I blog? 3 reasons:-

  • As a mean of expressing my thoughts (especially the angry ones – just kidding)
  • Improvement of language (blogging is like going to an English class & doing composition every day)
  • To play my role in the society to write on issues that concerns the society and the nation

Q: How do I get ideas for my blog?

A: Ya, it’s tough to come up with a post but the general rule for me is simple – from things I see in daily life, heard about in the news or blogs and discussed about with friends & family. I would say, almost everything under the sun except for specific things that happens at work place. When I have no idea of what to blog, I just don’t blog – so, if you note that there is no new post from me, it means I can’t think of something interesting to write.

Q: What is the genre of my blog? Is there suppose to be one?

A: Read through my posts and you will find “rojak” (translated – “everything mixed in one”) and I intend to keep it that way. (although I tend to lean more towards politics). This way it will flexible enough to blog on just about anything, However in order to organise my “rojak” in a more structure way, every post is now categorised into various sub-genre using WordPress categories and tags.

Q: Did I create my own template?

A: I am using the free version WordPress – customised templates are at premium. I just pick of those offered by WordPress which I must say have an excellent options. Further, it is easy to mix and match with a long list of widgets from WordPress.

Q: There are some links of others blogs in my blog – do I only read these blogs?

A: Of course no! My list of blogs to read is very long and will take up a lot of space in my template. So, most of my favourite blog is listed in my RSS Feedreader. Those links on my blog is considered the “cream of the favourite” (adding more soon – let me know if I have missed you)

Q: Some of the post does not have any comments – Am I worried about it?

A: Should I? The answer is no because I am blogging for myself & sharing my thoughts with others and I myself don’t often comment on other’s blogs, so I don’t expect people to comment on mine. What is more important is that I know people read my blog  – which is more than enough for me.

Q: Why I don’t blog on Saturdays and Sundays?

A: Good question. Well, it’s already bad enough that I am working with a computer at work for most of time, the last thing I want on my rest day is to face the computer. Saturdays and Sundays are good time to think of new ideas for the blog (that’s what I always say but I rarely do it).

Q: I understand you have legal background but why the posts are not legalistic in nature?

A: For a simple reason – I have readers from many walk of life and background. I am trying to be a simple as possible but please let me know if I need any improvements

Q: I have a question but it is not listed in the FAQ, so how?

A: Add your question in the comments and I will answer them accordingly

Q: I have not seen any new updates to your blog – what happened?

A: If you don’t see new posts or moderated comments approved for more than 6 months, it means :-

  • I have been kidnapped by aliens who wants me to be their new king or
  • I have traveled back in time and am trying hard to come back to the present or
  • I have been locked up in some dungeons and they have lost the keys or
  • I am simply dead and had “moved” on

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  1. “a mean of expressing my thoughts (especially the angry ones – just kidding) and improvement of language (blogging is like going to an English class and doing composition every day)”

    This is the best sentence of this entire article…

    for example, when I opened my blog, it was to prep for AP English, and boy has it paid off with an A- in the class.

    Yes! 😀

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