Enforcement 101: Dumb Motorcyclists, Skinning Them Alive

mat rempit enforcement menace motorcyclist skinning

(The problem with some dumb motorcyclists is that they think that they are invincible especially when they are not wearing any helmets. Initially, I felt the same way too but I recognize that it was nothing but a mirage – unlike those driving cars, you have nothing to protect you from serious injuries.[Click to read the rest] “Enforcement 101: Dumb Motorcyclists, Skinning Them Alive”

Driving Skills 101: Stupid Thunderstorm Heroes

hero thunderstorm driving skills

(Don’t be a hero during a heavy thunderstorm and remain unnoticed to other motorists by not switching on the headlights. Image source: http://carcountrycreditcruncher.wordpress.com)

[Click to read the rest] “Driving Skills 101: Stupid Thunderstorm Heroes”
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